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One of the most interesting aspects of New York City is that it embodies the United States, as a largely diverse city in the world. Millions of people from almost every pinpoint on the map come together here to form a city that's a world leader when it comes to fashion, culture and finance. This diversity is what makes every part of New York so interesting. That's always been my experience when I've spent time in the Big Apple, and recently I wanted to learn more about it on a deeper level. On my last work trip, I wound up having an extra 24 hours to myself. Rather than try to get an earlier flight home, I decided to use that 24 hours to explore the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan. I wasn't worried about finding a place to stay. I travel with my HotelTonight app, so I'd book a Washington Heights Manhattan hotel room when I was ready to call it a day.

The Diversity

If New York is an example of the United State's diversity, Washington Heights is a smaller one. Over the years, people from Ireland and other parts of Northern Europe settled here. Since then, the Latino culture has become quite prevalent, with people from place like Mexico, the Dominican Republic and many other places calling Washington Heights home. You can walk down the street there and hear several different languages within a block or two. I love that, and I especially love how all of these cultures have come together to form what is clearly a distinct community with its own, incredibly unique identity.

The Park

I've always thought that one of the best ways to get to know the vibe in a community is by taking a look at its parks. There's a big one in Washington Heights, and it's known as Fort Tyron Park. It's not only enormous, but it's beautiful. It sits near the river and gives everyone an incredible view of the George Washington Bridge. It's also stunningly quiet despite the fact that locals are all over the place here playing and enjoying the fresh air. What's also obvious is that the people here know each other. There's a sense of togetherness that's palpable.

The Cuisine

All day long, I had heard about this Dominican restaurant that served some of the best rotisserie chicken around. I went there and ordered it. It was daunting at first, as it was served on a big platter that dominated the table. It didn't take long for me to devour most of the bird, though, as it was juicy, tasty and cooked to perfection. The fresh vegetables served with it were also delicious. I ate hungrily and happily.

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After such a meal, all I wanted to do was rest. I opened my HotelTonight app and booked a Washington Heights Manhattan hotel room in seconds. I couldn't wait to fall into my bed and collapse, happy that I had enjoyed such a nice day.