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When you spend time in New York City, it can be overwhelming. It's easy to forget that this is one of the cultural and financial centers of the entire world, at least until you get there. When you're there, you see how it's possible for so much to exist in what's honestly a relatively small amount of space. New York is all hustle and bustle, all the time, or so it would seem. I've been traveling there for years for work, and I've always enjoyed the fast pace of life, and the fact that you can find something to eat and something to do at just about any hour of the day or night. I've also heard that there are parts of New York where you won't necessarily think you're in New York, at least in the classical sense. I wanted to explore some of those places. On my last work trip to the city, I extended my time there by 24 hours so I could take a closer look at the Upper West Side neighborhood of Manhattan. I wasn't concerned about finding lodging. I travel with HotelTonight. This powerful app would find me an Upper West Side Manhattan hotel room as soon as I needed one.

The Mix of People

When you walk through New York, you'll notice neighborhoods, like the Upper West Side Manhattan, are diverse. Here you'll find the old and young people purposefully walking down the street along with professionals hurrying to or from work, as well as just about anyone else you can imagine. It's quite a mix of people, and it suits the Upper West Side.

The Feel

The people I had spoken to about the Upper West Side were correct: it really does have a different feel than some of the busier, more well-known parts of New York. I noticed a friendliness while walking around and looking at all of the beautiful old buildings. People would stop and say hello to each other. The families that lived in some of these buildings clearly knew each other, and the coffee shops seemed like gathering places for many people living in the community. It was similar to what it is like in a small town, which seemed unique given I was in New York.

The Food

I was in the mood for something different for dinner, and thanks to the friendly people here, I was told more than once to try a Mediterranean place nearby. I walked in and could see that it was busy, but not to the point where I'd have to wait for a table. I ordered a salad and had some fish that was exquisite. The server was extremely friendly, and the wine served with the meal was absolute perfection. I always enjoy a nice Mediterranean feast.

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I was full and happy about how I had spent my day. I opened my HotelTonight app and booked an Upper West Side Manhattan hotel room, as it was time to get some rest. I made my way towards my comfortable room, anticipating a night of deep sleep.