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One of the many interesting things about New York City is finding out what could attract certain people to certain neighborhoods. The neighborhoods are what make up the fabric of the entire city, and that's true of New York or any other city in the world. In New York, you'll find neighborhoods that attract young professionals, those that attract retirees, those that attract families and those that attract artists among others. I've long made it a hobby of mine to explore the neighborhoods in the area in hopes that I'd come to understand why these places are seen as great homes to these types of people. On my most recent trip, I wanted to explore the Fort Greene neighborhood in Brooklyn. Quite a few famous writers have lived there, and I wanted to see if I could figure out what that was the case. I had 24 hours to do so, and I also had my HotelTonight app ready to go on my phone. I would use that to find a Fort Greene Brooklyn hotel room as soon as I was ready to call it a day.

The Writers

First, you should know about at least some of the writers who have called Fort Greene home for a time. The list includes Walt Whitman, Marianne Moore, Richard Wright, Jhumpa Lahiri and John Steinbeck among others. Obviously, these writers lived in Fort Greene at different times throughout history, but that's a pretty impressive list of novelists and poets. I got to see some of the homes that some had lived in, but many of them had been refurbished since those days. However, it didn't surprise me to see quite a few bookstores in the neighborhood, as it only made sense.

The Academy

Perhaps one of the reasons that so many writers have lived in Fort Greene is because the entire community seems to be devoted to the arts in one way or another. The Brooklyn Academy of Music is located there, and the students at the school seem to put on performances of all types all throughout the year. Not to mention, the academy seems to prompt several different types of street performers who appear all over the place. Fort Greene is like a living piece of performance art in itself, so perhaps that's why so many writers wanted to live here – for inspiration.

The Bicycles

Aside from the devotion to the arts, Fort Greene also seems to have a special place in its heart for bicycles. When you move around in New York, you tend to either walk, take a taxi or perhaps take the subway if you're going somewhere that's a bit far away. What you don't see a lot of is bicycles. That's not the case in Fort Greene, as there are people riding bicycles everywhere. There are also quite a few racks of public rental bicycles for people to use.

HotelTonight – Fort Greene Brooklyn Hotels Are Available

After a day of sleuthing, I decided that writers have been drawn to Fort Greene because it's already home to artists of several types and it's a free and easy place to see and do a lot of things. I was ready to rest at this point, so I opened my HotelTonight app and booked a Fort Greene Brooklyn hotel room in seconds. I was ready for some rest, happy with my adventurous day.