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New York City is a maze of different communities, different vibes and different things to experience both for travelers and for residents. I've been coming to the Big Apple for many years now, and during that time I've come to appreciate the fact that no matter where in the city I go, I'm going to be in for something unique. On my last work trip, I decided to take an extra 24 hours for myself. I wanted to spend some time in one of the legendary neighborhoods in New York. That neighborhood is Greenwich Village. I've only walked through it a few times and never given it the attention it deserves. I made sure to change all of that recently. I was going to see things, talk to people and learn what life is like there. I was completely unconcerned about finding a place to stay before I left. I travel with my HotelTonight app, and I was sure it would find me a Greenwich Village hotel room in seconds as soon as I was ready to call it a day. That's exactly what happened.

The Mix

There are certain parts of New York where the neighborhoods are relatively diverse. For instance, I could list several parts of town where you'll find almost no one but young professionals and others where you'll find families almost exclusively. There's nothing wrong with that of course, but that's definitely not what you get in Greenwich Village. You'll find older people and younger people here. You'll find students and established professionals. You'll find people from all different types of backgrounds. What's neat about this community is that it's obvious that everyone is welcome. People mix in together in public quite comfortably, and the entire scene is one that's incredibly interesting.

The University

One of the integral establishments in Greenwich Village is New York University, which is one of the most renowned institutions of higher learning in the world. It would be quite something to attend school here. The campus itself is gorgeous and it's situated in a very central place. It's just steps from Washington Square Park and minutes by foot from just about any form of entertainment you could ever hope to encounter. I spent several hours at NYU just talking to people, and every one of them was thrilled with the opportunity to spend a portion of their lives there.

The Dining

There are all sorts of choices for dining in Greenwich Village, but I wanted to go to a place that was known as one of Ernest Hemingway's favorites. It's a French place, but it also offers some new twists on American cuisine. I decided on the hamburger, as it just looked good for some reason. It was more than good. The sesame bun was the perfect complement to a thick, juicy piece of meat that was cooked perfectly. It was a delicious dinner in an iconic location.

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At the end of the day, it was time to get some rest. I opened my HotelTonight app, and it immediately listed several choices for Greenwich Village hotel rooms based on my location at the time. I chose one, booked a room and made my way towards what I was sure would be a big night of sleep.