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When you walk the streets of New York City, you tend to notice immediately that this is a place where you're going to find a lot of diversity and variety. I've walked as little as a few blocks at a time and wound up somewhere completely different from where I started. It's something that only really makes sense if you've spent time in the Big Apple. That's also why I've been taking every opportunity that has arisen to explore the city a bit further. I recently flew into New York for business and instead of flying home as soon as my last meeting was over, I booked a return flight for 24 hours later. I decided that I would use those 24 hours to explore one neighborhood only, so that I could get a good idea of what life was like there. I decided that I'd take that day to explore the Bushwick neighborhood in Brooklyn. I wasn't concerned about finding a place to stay, either, as I travel with HotelTonight. This powerful app would find me a Bushwick Brooklyn hotel room as soon as I was ready to call it a day.

The Melting Pot

New York overall is a huge melting pot. That's how you can walk only a few blocks and feel like you're somewhere completely different. That's how it is in Bushwick, as there are people from all over the world living here. There's a strong Latino influence in the community, but there are also a lot of families that seemingly have been here for generations after their relatives arrived from somewhere in Europe. What's most noticeable, however, is that everyone is welcome, and there's an ease here that is uplifting to see. That's not always how it works in diverse areas.

The Street Art

There is also a strong artistic influence here. Brooklyn overall is home to a lot of artists, and it seems that quite a few of them have settled in Bushwick. I'm not just talking about studios and galleries, either. I'm talking about some breathtakingly beautiful street art that adds to the overall feel of the area. There are enormous murals painted all over the place, and these murals all seem to fit perfectly with the buildings underneath them and near them. I walked around and took a lot of photos of some of the more eye-catching scenes.

The Quirky Architecture

There was a time when Bushwick was largely an industrial area. While that was nearly 100 years ago, many of the buildings from that era remain. That's actually a good thing, as many of them have undergone facelifts and are now being used for both commercial and residential purposes. It also creates a lot of unique places for people to live, which I imagine appeals to the folks out there with more of an artistic bent in their perspectives.

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I was tired after a long and fascinating day of walking around, so I decided to find my Bushwick Brooklyn hotel room. I opened my HotelTonight app and immediately found a place just a few blocks away. I couldn't wait to go relax and bask in the day I had just enjoyed.