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New York City is unique. That's not exactly surprising information, as there simply are not any cities like it anywhere in the world. It's enormous, but it's also got a distinct feel to it that gives visitors a sense of community despite its massive size. It's condensed geographically, but to walk it you'd think you were going from different place to different place throughout the day. I love spending time there, and I've recently been working in a bit of a project designed to provide me with a deeper understanding of what it's like to live in the Big Apple. When I travel to New York for work, I extend my trip by 24 hours each time. I do so in order to provide myself with a day to explore one neighborhood at a time. On my most recent trip, I chose to explore Lincoln Square. I had been through it a few times, but I couldn't wait to take a deeper look at it. I wasn't concerned about lodging. I travel with my HotelTonight app. I would simply use that to find a Lincoln Square Manhattan hotel room when it was time for some rest.

The Arts

Perhaps the aspect of Lincoln Square that's known best by people both around the world and by local residents is the neighborhood's dedication to the arts. Lincoln Center is one of the most famous venues in the world for theater productions, but there are countless other sites where you can see a play, a comedy show, a musical performance or other forms of entertainment. The entire area is almost an homage to self-expression, and before the night arrives you start seeing people getting out of cars all dressed up, heading for dinner before a night at the theater.

The Parks

Given the number of opera houses and theaters in Lincoln Square, I never would have thought that there would be much for green space there. I was wrong. Lincoln Square is sandwiched by two famous parks. Central Park sits to the east of the neighborhood and Riverside Park sits to the west. I managed to find time to spend an hour or so in each of the parks, and it was a great way to take a small break from the noise and bustle of the city. It's really amazing to walk just a few feet and feel like you've driven many miles.

The Cuisine

Lincoln Square is a high-end neighborhood. The rent is high and the restaurants are generally expensive. However, I found a Turkish place that's not only affordable, but apparently it's been an institution in the local area for years. It was a delicious meal. The manti, or Turkish dumplings, where unlike anything I had ever tasted and they were fantastic. The kofta, or small meatballs, were divine. The food had a distinctive Mediterranean flavor that kept me coming back for more.

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After a full day and a full meal, I was ready to sleep. I opened my HotelTonight app and immediately booked a Lincoln Square Manhattan hotel room. I made my way towards what I was sure would be a comfortable night of sleep.