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Whenever I'm in New York, I feel like I'm in the center of the universe. There are many reasons for this feeling. First of all, New York is one of the biggest cities in the world, so it's naturally going to garner attention based purely on numbers. Secondly, it's also one of the cultural centers of the entire planet, so what happens here makes news in that regard as well. When you include the facts that it's also a world-leading city in terms of finance, business in general and entertainment, you have a place that captures the imagination. I've been coming to New York for years, but I've never really had much time to look around as I was always hustling from one meeting to another or one office building to another. On my last work trip there, I wanted to slow things down a bit and take a look around. I wanted to take just 24 hours for myself to spend in Midtown Manhattan so I could experience what life is like there. I wasn't concerned about finding a Midtown Manhattan hotel room, either, as I travel with HotelTonight.

The Tourism

There really isn't any way around it – Midtown Manhattan is a magnet for visitors. That's because you have so many things here that people are willing to travel from across the world to see. Times Square is here, as is Rockefeller Center. Broadway and 5th Avenue run through Midtown, and you can even access Central Park. Of course, you can come to see it all by train as well, as Grand Central Station is located right here in the middle of it all. When you combine the tourists with the professionals who are working in the office buildings here, you get a busy place.

The Shopping

I have to admit that I love to shop. I've been shopping for clothes and just about everything else as often as I could for about as long as I can remember. If you ever want to visit a place that could be considered a true mecca of shopping, come to Midtown Manhattan. Specifically, you could spend days just walking up and down 5th Avenue and shopping at some of the most exclusive and high-end retail stores in the world. I spent hours browsing and purchasing a few things, as it was a thrill to be able to say that I spent the day on 5th Avenue shopping.

The Dining

As one would expect in a part of New York that's so attractive to visitors, there are a lot of different dining options here. I decided to get myself a nice steak, as it just seemed right with my being in Manhattan for some reason. I went to a steakhouse that's attracted a large local following, and I immediately understood why. The steak was dry-aged, perfectly seasoned and cooked impeccably. I could have cut it with a butter knife it was so tender.

HotelTonight – Midtown Manhattan Hotels

After such a great meal, it was time to get some rest. I opened my HotelTonight app and immediately booked a Midtown Manhattan hotel room. I couldn't wait to get some sleep, happy that I finally got some time for myself in the Big Apple.