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One of the things that I find interesting about large cities is how certain combinations of people and backgrounds tend to come together to form one community. There is no city larger than New York in the United States, so I've always felt that this is the most interesting place in which to watch different cultures and such come together to see what happens as a result. In my experience, as I've visited countless neighborhoods across the city, those results have been remarkably positive and enjoyable. Recently, I had to travel to New York for work, and I wanted to spend 24 hours if possible in another community that has been combining different cultural realities of late. That neighborhood is Greenpoint in Brooklyn. I had heard that there is a lot going on there in terms of change, and I wanted to spend an entire day there to see what was happening for myself. I wasn't concerned about finding a place to stay. I travel with my HotelTonight app. It would help me book a Greenpoint Brooklyn hotel room in seconds when I was ready to call it a day.

The Combination

For generations, Greenpoint was primarily a neighborhood where Polish immigrants settled. You can still see the influence of this influx of people from Poland all over the place when you walk around the community. Businesses have Polish names, food shops carry a lot of Polish products and butcher shops are prevalent. What's happening now is that a lot of artists are moving into Greenpoint from surrounding communities, and this creates an interesting mix. What I saw was a mix of old-world European charm with new-world art, and the results look to be an attractive, welcoming community with a lot going for it.

The Changing Times

There are a lot of neighborhoods in New York, particularly in Brooklyn, that at one time were primarily industrial parts of town. That's why you see so many different warehouses here, and that's also why you see so many of these warehouses being re-purposed into something more modern, such as residential lofts or office spaces. You can also still see a part of the history of Greenpoint that predates the industrial period, as this part of town was a wide-open, agricultural green pasture way back when. Some of that open space has been protected and preserved.

The Dining

Since I was in a traditionally Polish part of town, I decided to have dinner at a Polish restaurant. There were several from which to choose, but I chose one that had been there for multiple generations. The place looked almost like a traditional European bier hall, which I found pleasing. The food was also quite pleasing. The pirogi were full of flavor, and the Polish pork schnitzel was perfectly cooked and breaded to the point where I ate the entire thing very quickly.

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I was full and very happy with the experience I had enjoyed that day in this unique community. I was ready to get some rest. I opened my HotelTonight app and found a Greenpoint Brooklyn hotel room in seconds. I couldn't wait to get some sleep and look back on what I had seen.