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New York City is an iconic place. It's one of the largest cities in the world and so much history has occurred here that it'd be impossible to list it all in one place. Even now, New York is a world leader when it comes to aspects of life including fashion, business, finance and culture in general. I've always been fascinated with this place and I've always jumped at any opportunity to spend some time there. Lately, I've been getting to know the area a bit better by way of taking 24 hours to explore one specific neighborhood while I was in town. This has allowed me to dig deeply into a smaller community so that I could understand it a bit better. Over time, this has given me a better perspective on what New York is overall. On my last trip, I decided to explore the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood. I was looking forward to getting to experience one of the iconic neighborhoods in the city. I wasn't concerned about lodging, either, as I travel with my HotelTonight app. It would find me a Brooklyn Heights hotel room in seconds.

The Views

You can find gorgeous views in a lot of different places around New York, but few can match what you see from the Promenade in Brooklyn Heights. It runs along the river and provides a panoramic view of Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty and other parts of the skyline. This view alone is something that makes a neighborhood, and I noticed both locals and visitors on the Promenade taking a lot of photos and admiring what they were seeing. It was a 3-dimensional postcard that's always visible for anyone who lives nearby.

The Architecture

Given its historic status – and Brooklyn Heights actually has been named a historic district – one should expect to see some interesting buildings. I not only saw some interesting buildings, but some that were truly breathtaking. You'll find a lot of gorgeous brownstones here, and I've always enjoyed their look. You'll also find a lot of Victorian homes here, and that is something that I did not expect. The bottom line is that a lot of care went into what was being built when these homes were being put together, and what you see now is a classic neighborhood that's welcoming and warm.

The Dining

Since I was spending the day in an iconic neighborhood, I wanted to dine on an iconic New York dish. I wanted pizza. I was told about a local place that had been there for quite some time and that had attracted a very loyal following. I went in and realized that this was not your classic New York-style pizza. It was made in a brick oven and the crust was a bit fluffier. It was also delicious, as I ate nearly the entire pie.

HotelTonight – Brooklyn Heights Hotels Immediately

After such a big dinner, I was ready to relax. I opened the HotelTonight app on my phone and booked a Brooklyn Heights hotel room in seconds. I couldn't wait to fall into my comfortable bed, satisfied that I had experienced a classic piece of New York that day.