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I've been traveling to New York City for years. I travel a lot for work and I move around the globe pretty regularly, but New York is and always has been my favorite destination. It seems that wherever I happened to be in life, I was able to find something that suited me perfectly in terms of entertainment. When I was younger and single, I would have a grand old time in Manhattan experiencing the nightlife. As I've gotten older, I've come to wonder where the family-oriented communities are in New York, as that's where I am in life now. I wonder where I'd live with my spouse and children if I were to move there. On my last trip to the city, I decided to spend 24 hours in a neighborhood that I had heard was as family-oriented as any in the area. That neighborhood is Cobble Hill in Brooklyn. I wasn't worried about finding a place to stay while I explored, either, as I travel with my HotelTonight app. It would find me a Cobble Hill Brooklyn hotel room the second I needed one.

The Scene

If you've ever seen one of those classic movies from the 1960's that was set in some family-oriented neighborhood in New York, you would probably be reminded of that movie if you walked around in Cobble Hill. The streets here are lined with very nice, very well-maintained brownstones along with quite a few different small businesses. In Cobble Hill, you can walk to your neighborhood barber and then stop at the pub if you feel like it to have a beer with some neighbors. This is a community that seems almost from the past in the way that the people know each other and treat each other.

The Cafes

You know you're in a place where community actually means something when you see not only a lot of coffee shops, but a lot of coffee shops that are full of locals, sitting and talking to each other in a comfortable and familiar way. I lost track of the number of cafes I saw that were just like that in Cobble Hill, until I finally stopped at one, had a coffee and struck up a conversation with some people who lived nearby. I learned that what I was seeing was accurate in that there is an intense sense of pride in the people who call Cobble Hill home.

The Dining

There is a strong Italian influence in Cobble Hill, and you can see it from the butcher shops to the different restaurants. I had heard about one Italian restaurant in particular that had been in operation for years, and as soon as I sat down in my old, comfortable chair I knew I was in for a treat. The waitress, who clearly had been working there for years, told me what I should order, and she was right. The lasagna was very good that day, as was the wine she told me to have with it. It was a great meal.

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After a filling dinner and a full day of exploration, I was ready to call it a night. I opened my HotelTonight app and immediately found a Cobble Hill Brooklyn hotel room that was perfect for me. I booked it and made my way towards what I knew was going to be a wonderful night of rest.