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San Diego is a large city, but in reality it's a city that's comprised of a large number of smaller communities, each of which possess some sort of unique quality. San Diego is made to be explored in pieces, as you simply cannot get to know the entire city in a short amount of time. The last time I was in San Diego on business, I managed to extend my stay for a day so that I could have 24 hours to explore another portion of the city. I pushed my flight out by a day and grabbed my phone to find a hotel room in Point Loma, where I wanted to stay for the night. I opened HotelTonight and within a few minutes I had a room booked and confirmed. I was thrilled, as I had heard a lot of good things about this neighborhood.

The History

The first thing you notice about Point Loma is the history that's here. This was one of the first areas on the entire West Coast that attracted European settlers, and there are still homages to those explorer days around Point Loma. The Cabrillo National Monument is the most overt example of this. It sits high up on a cliff near the actual Point Loma, and to stand there and look out over the expansive ocean and the skyline of nearly the entire city of San Diego is something that's nearly impossible to describe. I stood there and took dozens of photos, wondering if my camera could do all of this justice.

The Harbor

Spending time in the harbor area of Point Loma is a unique experience. The harbor itself sort of sneaks up on you as you approach the water, but all of a sudden there it is. It's a calm little bay that is home to countless private boats and commercial fishing vessels, and the mix of people here is quite interesting. One thing that almost all of them have in common, however, is that they are mostly locals who are either spending a day enjoying themselves or down here working hard.

The Seafood

Clearly, I became inspired with regards to my dinner when I saw all of these fishing boats unloading their catches on the docks. I asked around and found a very nice and understated seafood restaurant nearby. I had the yellowfin tuna for dinner, and I was sure that it had been pulled out of the Pacific Ocean that day. It had a zesty flavor to it that instantly lets you know that you're not eating something that spent any time frozen.

HotelTonight – Point Loma Hotels Are Available

As I made my way back to my room, I thought about how I had managed to get to know yet another part of San Diego, perhaps my favorite city to visit. I had also managed to find a Point Loma hotel room very quickly with the help of my favorite travel app, HotelTonight. I looked forward to returning someday.