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Sometimes even the smallest geographic areas have a ton to offer anyone who spends time there. Whenever I travel to San Diego, I try to make time to see a new part of the overall area. This is a big metropolitan area, so it's going to take some time to see everything, but on this trip I wanted to experience Mission Beach. I had heard that it was a beach-goer's haven, and despite all of the traveling I had done to San Diego I had somehow never really had a beach sort of day. I was going to change that now. I wasn't worried about finding a Mission Beach hotel, as I had my phone with me, which meant I had HotelTonight with me. That meant that I would be able to find a Mission Beach hotel in real-time, as it bases its possibilities on my location. I was all set. All I needed to do now was go enjoy myself.

The Jetty

I started my day in Mission Beach at the bottom of it, near the jetty that basically separates Mission Beach from Ocean Beach. It's full of vacation rentals and high-end properties, and there's even a very nice basketball court there. Rumor has it that Bill Walton, the NBA legend, paid for the court, but I haven't spent enough time researching to know whether or not that was true. Regardless, the court was full the entire time I was there and the volleyball courts behind it were also quite busy. I decided to keep moving by making my way up the boardwalk.

The Beach

As you get a bit further away from what they call South Mission, you fall into the real meat of the beach. I could immediately see why this is such a popular destination for people of all ages during spring break and the summer. The sand is white and pristine, the surf is blue and the water itself is only about 60 degrees, so it's quite refreshing when you venture into the ocean. You can hear people giggling and shouting happily, you can smell food from every direction and you see people simply taking some time for themselves. It's a great beach.

The Food

You normally don't think about the food in a beach community, but there were a lot of different choices in Mission Beach. I went with a sushi place that was almost right on the water. Sushi is big in San Diego, and I enjoyed a yellowtail roll that was made with fish that was caught earlier that day not far from the restaurant. I also enjoyed the other creative rolls they served as well as, of course, the view that could not be matched.

HotelTonight – Mission Beach Hotels in Seconds

After that great dinner and all that time in the sun, I decided to skip the legendary nightlife of the area and head back to my hotel. Thanks to HotelTonight, I was able to find a hotel room in Mission Beach almost instantly, and I was grateful for that as I was ready for a restful night of sleep.