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In a large city like San Diego, you could move around for days and never explore the same enclave twice. That's one of the unique factors of a place like this, and as I traveled through San Diego and Southern California it's something I grew to appreciate. Today, I was going to cross that 'huge bridge' between downtown San Diego and the island known as Coronado. It was also possible that I'd just grab a hotel and stay there that night if I was enjoying myself. I had my favorite app, which is HotelTonight, ready to go on my phone, so if necessary I'd just open it and choose from one of the Coronado hotels nearby that would show up automatically on my screen. It sure is nice to travel and not have to worry about planning ahead for lodging. All I wanted to do now was get across that bridge and explore a new part of San Diego County.

The Beach

I've seen more than one publication that states that Coronado Beach is one of the finest in the world. Once I got my first look at it, I understood how that could happen. Not only is the sand nearly as white as table salt, which helps keep it cool, but the coastline is stunningly beautiful. There are cliffs on both sides, creating sort of a natural bay-like atmosphere, and the water is as blue as you could ever imagine. Not to mention, the beach is quite accessible at the end of the island and it's totally open to the public, so anyone can enjoy a day here.

The Homes

One of the things I did not realize about Coronado before seeing it firsthand was that the homes here are beautiful. I thought Coronado was basically a big military base and a beach, but there is a full-on community here. The homes are close together but extremely tasteful and elegant, and the people who live in the neighborhoods may as well be in some neighborhood anywhere else in the United States. This is not just a military and tourist part of town. People live here, work here and raise their families right here.

The Food

I've always found restaurants situated in cities dominated by neighborhoods to be better than those dominated by tourists. I found out that Coronado was more of the former, and that was great. I really wanted to enjoy some authentic Mexican food while I was here, and that's exactly what I did. My dinner, a carne asada plate that came with rice and refried beans, tortilla chips and salsa verde was perfection. Carne asada, or steak Mexican style, can be difficult to cook properly, but this was crisp and tender.

HotelTonight – Coronado Hotels in Minutes

I walked by a lot of happening nightlife on my way back to my hotel, but I didn't have it in me to join in after such a full day. I was ready to enjoy the help that HotelTonight had provided me in finding the perfect hotel room in Coronado. I had seen a very nice part of San Diego today and had enjoyed myself from start to finish.