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I have always loved going to San Diego for business. I looked forward to the trip every time we ever had a meeting or a convention there. The only thing that disappointed me, however, was that I was always too busy to venture much outside of the Gaslamp Quarter, North Park or Old Town. These were all lovely and fun places, but there was this part of the county that the locals called "North County" that I had long wanted to see for myself. Last time I was there, a colleague told me that a good place to spend a day was Oceanside. I pulled out my phone and opened my HotelTonight app. I searched for Oceanside hotels and immediately found one that I thought would work quite well for me. I booked it and had it confirmed within seconds. I extended my flight home out by a day and I was all set for 24 hours of exploring.

The Movies

I didn't know this until I got to Oceanside, which is the northernmost community in San Diego County, but when talking to someone on the street I was told that this was a place where a lot of movies had been filmed or at least partially filmed. Portions of "Top Gun" were filmed here. "Zorro," the one filmed in 1957, was also shot here. You can see why when you drive around the town a bit. There are a lot of different scenic areas that are perfect for the dramatic cinematic effect that directors look for constantly.

The Pier

The Pacific Ocean is so blue and beautiful, to look at it from the coastline is to instantly yearn for some sort of ability to walk out onto it and get a closer look. In Oceanside, this is entirely possible. All you need to do is spend some time at the Oceanside Pier. The pier is enormous, and when you walk out onto it you'll pass fishermen and other walkers. You can even get a bite to eat on it if you're hungry. I wanted to walk to the end, and this is a pier that is nearly 2,000 feet long. It was thrilling to see the surf below you and the coastline in both directions.

Oceanside Harbor Village

It wasn't so long ago that Oceanside had fallen into a bit of a swoon. In recent years, however, a lot of reinvestment has occurred here and these days you see a vibrant town that is always full of life. I decided to eat dinner at the Oceanside Harbor Village, and I stopped at a place that served some of the freshest seafood I had ever tasted. I had local lobster that had probably been swimming that morning, and I enjoyed a microbrew from one of the many places in Oceanside that is now making and serving them.

HotelTonight – Oceanside Hotels Are Available

It was time to head back to my hotel. I had enjoyed a fabulous day in a city that's not necessarily known to tourists. I was looking forward to a restful night in my Oceanside hotel room that HotelTonight had helped me find. I was ready for rest, satisfied with the day I had manufactured for myself.