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North Park – Spend Some Time in a Trendy, Foody Paradise

People who travel to San Diego tend to know about certain areas of town, including places such as La Jolla, Del Mar and of course the Gaslamp Quarter. Everyone doesn't necessarily want to do what most other people do, though, and thankfully for them there are little pockets of wonder all throughout San Diego County. One such area that most people not from around here have never heard of is known as North Park. North Park has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time, and this is a neighborhood that's successfully remade itself to incorporate all of the best elements that were always here, but just a bit hidden for a time.

A "New" North Park

It wasn't that long ago that, unfortunately, you really didn't want to spend too much time in North Park if you were a traveler or visitor. It was basically a low-rent bedroom community and when people wanted to go out and do something, many chose to get on the freeway and see what else was out there. My, how times have changed. The past 15 – 20 years have seen massive reinvestment in North Park, and unlike many other cities in the United States the majority of this investment has been local in nature. That source of capital has resulted in a trendy, fun and relaxed atmosphere where people can do just about anything they want to without having to go anywhere near a freeway.

Come for the Food

Everyone gets hungry at some point, right? If you're in North Park, you're in one of the best areas in San Diego to be looking for a meal. You can't walk down the street without seeing several different options for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and a snack… You'll find ethnic cuisine from all over the globe, local joints with their own specialties and fusion restaurants that bring out the creativity in both the chefs and the patrons. You can stop by one of the many street-side cafes and just watch the people go about their business. It's a simple but beautiful way of life that's all too familiar for the locals.

Stay For the Music

After dinner, some people may want to go out and see what it's like to have fun in a city that they are visiting at the time. Once again, you won't have to leave North Park to get a real slice of local life. There are many different establishments within a couple of miles of each other that all feature all different kinds of live music. As is the case with the restaurants, you'll most likely find local acts on stage playing San Diego music at its core.

Experience North Park with HotelTonight

Eventually, you'll need some sleep and to freshen up a bit. It's not always easy finding a hotel in North Park, as this is not necessarily a tourist destination. If you work with HotelTonight, though, you'll have no problem finding something that accommodates your needs and expectations. Go ahead and take a look at what's available. After a few clicks, you'll be on your way to living as a San Diegan for a few days.