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In every large city, there are little communities that are not known to those who do not live there. These are often the best places to visit, as they give you a true flavor of what it's like to live your life there. San Diego is a big city with a lot of these little places, and I had been fortunate enough to explore a few of them. I was recently there again for a convention, but before I left for it I purposely booked my return flight for 24 hours after my obligations had ended. I wanted to explore a little hamlet known as Hillcrest. I wasn't worried about finding a Hillcrest hotel room, as I had used HotelTonight many times in the past and always found exactly what I wanted. Not only that, I had always done so within minutes. That's what happened this time, so I was excited to see what there was to see.

The Farmer's Market

Since it was Sunday, I figured that there would be quite a bit going on in this part of town, which seemed to be populated with a lot of young and single professionals. I was right. I started the day with a nice snack at my hotel and then headed out to the Farmer's Market. It had all of the usual stands that sold things like fresh produce, but it also had a lot of different ethnic foods and healthy types of drinks like kombucha that were extremely tasty. Overall, this was fun, welcoming and relaxed atmosphere.

The Shopping

As I walked around Hillcrest, I noticed that there were a lot of different shops open as well. These were not your typical big box chain stores, either--these were mostly unique, locally-owned little businesses that were stocking things that you normally would not see, such as high-end fashion from decades past and accessories that you would not be able to find in even the largest of malls. I spent hours shopping and filling bags of goodies for myself and others.

The Food

Finally, I cannot tell people about Hillcrest without also talking about the food. If you blindfolded yourself and threw a dart at a map, chances are you'd find a restaurant that served that country's food in Hillcrest. I ate at an Indian restaurant that had some of the creamiest, most tender butter chicken I had ever experienced in my life. The naan was also perfectly crisp on the outside yet warm and soft on the inside. It was a tremendous meal.

HotelTonight – Hillcrest Hotels at the Ready

Sadly, after that Indian feast, I was too tired to continue so I decided to call it a day and head back to my room. I was very glad that I was able to take an extra day to see this part of San Diego, and I was glad that I knew to use HotelTonight to find a Hillcrest hotel room. I looked forward to a restful night of sleep.