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If you've been to San Diego, you know that it's much like the rest of Southern California in that it's very spread out geographically. I had been to San Diego several times in the past, but usually for work and only for a day or two at that. As such, I hadn't ever really been outside of the Gaslamp Quarter or the areas immediately surrounding it. I enjoyed it a lot, but wanted to see part of what the locals call "North County." Based on my conversation with a colleague, it seems as though the unofficial capital of North County is Carlsbad. This city of just over 100,000 people was supposedly a must-see, so I pulled out my phone, opened my HotelTonight app, searched for a Carlsbad hotel and booked a room all within a couple of minutes. I was going to stay an extra day while there on business and find out for myself what North County was all about.

The Beaches

I never would've guessed that there would be so many different beaches in a city that is not necessarily that large, but I saw two or three that day alone. I believe my favorite was Carlsbad State Beach, which is protected by cliffs and sits right near historic Highway 101. The Pacific Ocean was as blue as I had ever seen it, the breeze blowing onshore made the weather pleasant and I marveled as I saw people surf, bodyboard, fish, run and walk all within a relatively close area. It was a slice of heaven.

The Town

After seeing the beach, I wanted to get to know the town itself a bit. This is a place that could easily be the setting for the seaside town, as it is quaint, condensed but not overcrowded and filled with shopping, browsing and eating options. The buildings themselves are not modern but built from an era that has been gone for at least a few generations. The people here are mostly local, which was a stark contrast to other parts of San Diego and Southern California. It was a relaxed, fun and vibrant spot where happiness reigned.

The Cuisine

I had seafood for lunch, so I wanted to try some real-deal Mexican food for dinner. I found a place right on the water that I had heard was extremely popular with the locals. It was busy, but they found me a table quickly. Before I could even order, they were putting chips and salsa in front of me that had been made there, and it was authentic. The chimichanga I ordered was so big and tasty that I probably ate twice as much as I should have. What a tremendous meal.

HotelTonight – Carlsbad Hotels in Minutes

As I headed back to my Carlsbad hotel, I thought about how this was the type of place I could come back to again and again. Perhaps I would do so at some point in the near future. If I did, I would return with the help of HotelTonight.