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There is something about that little Southern California coastal town that is a bit off the beaten path that has always appealed to me. These places are the true embodiment of the culture in this part of the world. There is certainly nothing wrong with tourists, as they are a vital part of the economies in these locations. That said, I've always looked forward to an opportunity to see a place in its unvarnished form, as that's how you get to know what it's like to live there. That's why I travel--to learn what it's like to exist in places other than where I live. Those are the lessons that matter. That's why I wanted to be sure to find an Encinitas hotel room when I decided to visit the northern portion of San Diego County for a day, and what a lovely day it was, as it turned out.

Highway 101 as It Was Meant to Be

The first thing you notice about Encinitas is that Highway 101, or the famous Pacific Coast Highway, runs directly through the middle of it. Several local businesses sit along the highway, and as I walked around it seemed that all of them offered their unique charm and contribution to the overall vibe of the community. I stopped at a cafe and enjoyed a delicious, old-school breakfast while sitting on the sidewalk and watching the people walk by, going about their business as if they didn't have a care in the world. And why would they? Life was a beautiful thing here.

The Beach

Encinitas is home to only about 60,000 people, but there are several beaches within the city limits. You could easily spend an entire day on any of them. I chose to walk Moonlight Beach, which sits basically at the center of town. It is surrounded by scenic cliffs that keep the sand nice and cool, and while it's crowded it's not a place where you feel the least bit overwhelmed if crowds are not your thing. Unlike a lot of other beaches, Moonlight has a food stand that is quite delicious. I ordered a hamburger and it was not only enormous, but juicy, tasty and obviously cooked over a fire. Once again, I sat and enjoyed my meal while people-watching. It seems that Encinitas is that type of town.

The Parks

As I drove around in Encinitas, I was amazed that there were so many public parks. You'd think that with real estate this valuable, the amount of public land would be minimized. It wasn't only the number of parks here, but also the beauty. Orpheus Park allows for dogs, as does a lot of this beautiful city, and it's set upon a hillside that overlooks the town and gives you a panoramic view of the coastline. I sat in a gazebo and talked to some locals who were there letting their pooches run around. Although none of them were natives, you'd never know it by the way they oozed joy with every sentence about what it was like to live here.

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As I made my way back to my hotel, I realized that I had found a small piece of nirvana for the people who live here. No one I spoke to would ever want to live anywhere else, and given the weather, the scenery, the pace of life and the happiness of the residents, I understood why. I was also happy to have found HotelTonight, as it helped me find an Encinitas hotel in minutes. I would be back here someday, and I would find my lodging with HotelTonight.