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I have always loved traveling to San Diego. I have spent a lot of time downtown, in the Gaslamp Quarter, in Old Town, North Park and just about everywhere else in the county when I've visited. It has always been a goal of mine to see everything there is to see in San Diego County, no matter how many trips it requires to do so. One spot that I had yet to experience was Imperial Beach, but that all changed recently when I decided to spend a day there. I like to just explore and see what happens when I'm visiting somewhere new. Besides, I didn't really need to make any specific lodging plans as I was traveling with HotelTonight. This powerful app would help me find an Imperial Beach hotel room in real-time, as it can sense my location and help me find something close. I was off to explore Imperial Beach.

The Pier

The Imperial Beach Pier is the landmark in this community. I love piers, and I walked out to the end of it to start my day. It's 1,300 feet long, and it's been open since 1963. You could see Los Coronados Islands clearly from the pier, and I made sure to remind myself to come back at sunset if I could, as I was sure the view would be stunning. As it was, I admired the daytime view of the coastline up and down and then walked and chatted a bit with the fishermen who were there busily pulling up their day's catch of small sharks and other tasty-looking sea creatures.

The Farmer's Market

It was Friday afternoon, and little did I know at the time that this meant that it was time for the weekly Imperial Beach Farmer's Market. I really enjoy such an event, as it gives you great insight as to what it's like to live in a place by way of the common foods that people eat. It was a sizable farmer's market and it's clear that the people here enjoy their strawberries as big as baseballs, their carrots that look like hockey sticks and their cucumbers that could pass as watermelons in other parts of the country. California is known for its produce, and this part of California in particular looks like a great place to enjoy it.

Border Field State Park

Imperial Beach is known as the most southwestern city in the continental United States, and it sits right on the border with Mexico. I spent the afternoon at Border Field State Park, and it was unlike anything I had ever seen. There is a monument there right next to the border, and there is also a fence between the countries that runs from the sand out into the ocean to prevent easy crossing. There is also a wildlife habitat nearby and just a lot to see, do and enjoy.

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As I decided to call it a day, I thought back on how thankful I was to have seen this unique border community. I found an Imperial Beach hotel room in seconds thanks to HotelTonight and made my way there for a restful night of sleep. I looked forward to continuing to learn about this part of the world in future travels.