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Every time I'm in San Diego, I'm glad I'm there. The city is beautiful in just about every sense of the word. The climate borders on perfection, as it's basically room temperature for 90 percent of the year. The scenery is unmatched, as temperate coastlines are breathtaking scenes in my opinion. The built-up city is also very well done, as all of the buildings just seem to fit together as if there was some sort of a plan. The only regret I had with regards to San Diego was ongoing in nature. That regret was that every time I was there, I really didn't have any time to do anything except work. On my last business trip there, though, I got some unexpected news that the meetings I had scheduled for the last day were canceled. I had 24 hours to spend how I saw fit in America's Finest City. I decided that there was no reason to go anywhere but the Gaslamp Quarter, as that's where all the action seemed to be. I also wasn't worried about finding a new room, as HotelTonight would help me book a Gaslamp hotel room in seconds when I was ready for one.

The Ballgame

One of the first things I noticed after I started my day of exploring the Gaslamp was that there were a lot of people headed towards the ballpark right there in the neighborhood. Petco Park is one of the attractions in the neighborhood, and as luck had it there was an early game that day. I walked up to the window, bought a cheap ticket and spent a few innings watching. The ballpark is built seamlessly into the area, with surrounding buildings serving as part of the scenery in the outfield. It was a wonderful way to spend some time.

The Culture

After leaving the game, I wanted to see what else the Gaslamp had to offer people with differing preferences. What I saw were a lot of different art galleries, so I spent the remainder of the daylight hours walking through some of them. There were unique offerings as well as plenty of options for people who wanted to purchase art for their homes and offices. I didn't realize that San Diego has a thriving artist community, and that the Gaslamp is one of the main places to display all of this work.

The Dining

The Gaslamp is known for its nightlife, and part of that nightlife is its dining. I wanted to eat something local, though, so I was told at the game about a Mexican food restaurant that residents had been patronizing for years. I walked into a very basic place, but the smells were profoundly delicious. I had the fish tacos, a Baja, California specialty and one of the go-to meals for San Diegans. The fish was perfectly fried and the cabbage and sauce were the perfect flavors to compliment. It was a great meal of local flavor.

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At that point, I was ready to get some sleep. I opened my HotelTonight app and booked a Gaslamp hotel room instantly. I walked to my car to grab my bag, and then walked the block or so to my room. I fell asleep thrilled that I had finally gotten to see a bit of San Diego.