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Washington, D.C. is a special city for more reasons than most people could ever list. Of course, it's historic in nature, as it's the capital of the United States. You'll see more monuments and historical sites here than just about anywhere else in the modern world. You'll see the seat of power in a democracy that has made an indelible mark on world history. What a lot of people don't see, however, is how the people who actually make up this city live on a daily basis. I've always thought that was extremely important, as that's what defines a city more than anything else in my opinion. That's also why I've been making it a point to squeeze in 24 hours whenever I can to visit a new part of Washington, D.C. whenever I'm there for work, which is relatively often. For my last trip, I decided to spend my free 24 hours exploring the Upper Northwest area of the District. I couldn't wait to do so, and I wasn't concerned about finding a place to stay. I had the HotelTonight app with me, and it would help me find an Upper Northwest Washington, D.C. hotel in seconds.

The Cathedral

When I visit a city, I usually take a bit of time to see a landmark or two, but I'm generally not that interested in building my trips around them. That is, unless, a landmark is a central part of a community. That's the case with the Washington National Cathedral. It's a stunning Gothic structure that inspires awe as soon as you see it. It's also a part of the community because it has singing performances on a nearly nightly basis for which everyone is welcome.

The Shops

I don't like shopping. I never have. I don't like the crowds, I don't like the noise and I don't like the stress. I shop almost exclusively online; however, when I'm in a new place and see a bunch of locally-owned stores, I'm going to check them out. That's what I did in the Upper Northwest, and I had a great time trying on unique outfits, perusing beautiful knickknacks and ultimately purchasing more things than I probably should have both for myself and for the important people in my life. I wound up spending hours shopping, which is rare for me.

The Food

After all of that walking around and fresh air, I was starving. I wanted to eat something hearty and I wanted to do so with a view. I heard about a Mexican restaurant that sat on top of a roof, so I went there. It was lovely. The view was stunning and the food was excellent. I had a burrito with carne asada that was perfectly seasoned and perfectly tender. I enjoyed every last bite of it and every last drop of my margarita.

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After such a feast, I was ready to sleep. I opened my HotelTonight app and it provided Upper Northwest Washington, D.C. hotels near where I was located. I chose one, booked it and then made my way towards a night of satisfied rest.