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I travel all around the United States for work, and I've been to pretty much every state in the union over the past several years. I always look for something unique in the places to which I travel, and I'm almost always successful in doing so. One city where it requires no effort to find something unique – no matter how many times I'm there – is Washington, D.C. I find this place to be perhaps the most interesting city in the country, which is appropriate given its importance in our national structure. I travel to DC often for work, but only recently have I begun to try to find some time to do more than just see what's between my hotel and conference room. I've been trying to explore the neighborhoods of Washington to get a better feel for what life is like there. On my last trip, I found out early in the morning of my last full day there that my meetings were rescheduled. I had the day to myself, but if I wanted to stay I had to find my own lodging. I wanted to explore Northeast Washington, but I knew that HotelTonight would book me a Northeast Washington, D.C. hotel room when I needed one, so I was ready to explore.

The Geography

For those who haven't been to Washington, D.C. or who haven't been there often, the layout of the area overall can be quite confusing. The district is basically split into four quadrants, and I wanted to spend time in the Northeast, as it's called by many locals, which encompasses a few different neighborhoods along the Maryland border. Part of Capitol Hill is actually in the Northeast, but other than that it's mostly residential and a departure from the hustle and bustle of the central portion of the district.

The Revitalization

One of the reasons that I wanted to see the Northeast was because I had heard so much about it. Parts of Washington, D.C. have endured troubled pasts for one reason or another, but mostly due to economic difficulties. The Northeast had its share of problems in years past. Recently, however, a lot of investment has been going into this part of the community, and you can see things coming around quickly. New buildings are going up, old ones are being redone, and there's a sense of things moving forward as you spend time there.

The Dining

In talking with some people throughout the day, I heard more than once about a place that served really good fresh food. I gave it a try. It's a two-story place that's quite modern in feel, and I started with the salad. It was so fresh that I may as well have been out in the country somewhere on a farm. I followed that with a steak served on a bed of greens, and it was outstanding. They put a red sauce on the steak that enhances the flavor exponentially.

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I was quite full after my big dinner and quite ready to get some rest after walking around all day. I opened my HotelTonight app and booked a Northeast Washington, D.C. hotel in seconds. Soon, I'd be asleep in my comfortable bed, satisfied that I'd learned a bit more about this interesting part of the country.