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Washington, D.C. is a city that is not only historic, important to the United States and the entire world and beautiful, but it's a place with an entire collection of little communities that make up the actual city itself. I've always been intrigued by this place for a lot of different reasons. Having already seen the tourist sites that there are to see and coming here often for work, I wanted to start learning more about what life is actually like here. On my last few trips to the city, I've been booking my return flight for 24 hours after my work obligations were finished. That gave me a day to learn more about the real-life side of the city. I've been choosing one neighborhood in which to spend these 24 hours so I could take my time and see what there is to see. I chose to spend those 24 hours in the Anacostia neighborhood on my last trip. I was looking forward to it, as I had heard a lot about it from locals. I was also sure I'd find an Anacostia Washington, D.C. hotel with the HotelTonight app as soon as I was ready for sleep.

The History

As soon as I got to Anacostia, I was told that I needed to see as many of the historic places here as possible. I wasn't even aware that there were quite a few historic places in this community, so I was definitely curious. I found out that none other than Frederick Douglass used to live here, and I went on a tour of his home. It was extremely interesting to see how people lived so many years ago. There were several other historic homes nearby, and while you couldn't go inside, I took a lot of pictures to appreciate later.

The Nature

I never thought about anything inside of the District of Columbia in terms of its green space or nature in general, but I got a big and welcome dose of it in Anacostia. I wanted to get some exercise, so I jumped onto the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail and spent a couple of hours hiking, taking photos and appreciating all of the trees, ponds and other natural scenes that were there to be seen from start to finish. There was even an aquatic gardens facility there, so I had gotten both my exercise and nature fixes that day.

The Restaurants

After all of that exercise, I was starving, so I started looking for places to eat. A nice lady told me about a family-owned restaurant that specialized in southern cooking, so I headed over there for dinner. I had fried chicken, greens and cornbread that I could not even begin to describe accurately. It was delicious. The chicken had a spicy crunch that I could never duplicate, and the cornbread was moist and tasty as well.

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After such a meal, it was time to rest. I opened my HotelTonight app and it found an Anacostia Washington, D.C. hotel for me based on my location within seconds. I booked it and headed towards my room, ready for a big night of sleep.