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Best Hotels in Downtown, Washington, DC

DC bound? Let’s head to Downtown Washington. Just past the White House, this bustling neighborhood is in the center of it all. Also in the center? Some killer DC hotels.

Sandwiched between DC’s major circles, Dupont and Logon, Downtown rocks some serious cosmopolitan flare. Whether you’re hitting the many museums (seriously, there’s a lot), shopping ‘til you drop at CityCenterDC, chowing down on serious eats or mingling with major politicos - Downtown DC has plenty to offer with hotels to match.

Why We Love Downtown, Washington, DC

Old school vibes and modern marvels, here’s why we love Downtown DC.

  • Hot hotels: Leave the hotel to us, we’ve got the gems in Downtown Washington DC. From hip swanky spots with rooftop pool swag to cozy inns with colonial charm, we’ll find you just the home-away-from-home you want for your trip to DC.
  • Must-see museums: If you’re a museum fan, you’ve come to the right place. Downtown Washington DC holds many of the city’s favorite exhibits (with many more in nearby neighborhoods.) Just past the White House, you can check out the visitor center featuring more than 90 artifacts from Presidents past. Next up, the National Gallery, home to iconic works like Van Gogh’s self portrait and Leonardo da Vinci’s Ginevra de Benci.
  • Hit the town: Nightlife is abundant in Downtown Washington DC. Dance all night at clubs like Park at 14th, where you have four floors to choose from. Catch a concert at The Hamilton, a local fave for live music and seriously good food. Mingle with the political elite at historic mainstays like Old Ebbitt Grill - open since 1856.
  • Grab grub: You can’t go wrong with the food in Downtown Washington DC. From the famed banana bread at EDGAR Bar + Kitchen to southern comforts at Georgia Browns, you can start your day off right. Later on, hit the St. Regis for afternoon tea and slurp down curry at The Bombay Club.
  • Greater DC: There’s lots to explore in DC outside of Downtown. From well known landmarks like the Washington and Lincoln Monuments to the even more museums (that Smithsonian’s a doozy) - Washington DC is one city worth keeping your eyes peeled for.

Where to find the best hotels in Downtown, Washington DC

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