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Best Hotels in Chevy Chase, Washington, DC

Not to be confused with the actor (or the other ‘hood in Maryland with the same name) the Chevy Chase community of DC is a classic city suburb with some serious charm. Bonus points: we’ve got some tried & true hotels in the area.

Coming from roots of farmland, Chevy Chase was one of the District’s first suburban areas giving it a rich history. Whether you’re keeping an eye on the historic houses, exploring Connecticut Avenue or just stopping by on your way to the greater DC area - Chevy Chase is a charming community with some comfy hotels.

Why We Love Chevy Chase, Washington, DC

Classic hometown feels outside the District. Here’s why we love Chevy Chase.

  • Quiet hotels: When you’re staying outside the big city, you want something you can rely on. We’ve got you covered in Chevy Chase with tried & true hotels you know and trust, with all the sweet amenities. Free WiFi? Yup. Cooked to order breakfast on the house? You got it.
  • Historical town: Chevy Chase is over a century old! (Again, the town not the actor). Residents are proud of their historic town and it shows. Walk along the neighborhood streets to marvel at the architecture and charm of houses going back as far as 1907. Look carefully, many have plaques marking their date - making these historic blocks extra special.
  • Park it: Right on the edge of Chevy Chase sits Rock Creek Park - the nation’s 3rd recognized national park. The park features over 32 miles of hiking trails, Ranger lead programs where you can learn a thing or two, and a Planetarium where you can see the stars.
  • Get a little culture: It may be a sleepy little town, but you might be surprised by the gems lurking around the corner. Hit up the Avalon theatre for independent and foreign flicks - a matinee with the retired crowd never hurt nobody. Then, swing by iconic Politics & Prose, a DC bookstore and hub for author events and classes.
  • Greater DC: There’s lots to explore in DC outside of Chevy Chase. From well-known landmarks like the Washington and Lincoln Monuments to the totally free museums like the Smithsonian - Washington DC is one city worth keeping your eyes peeled for.

Where to find the best hotels in Chevy Chase, Washington DC

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