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There really is no other city in the world quite like Washington, D.C. I have traveled to just about every continent on the planet and seen just about every big city one could ever hope to see, but for some reason I've always been drawn to this place more than any other. Ever since my first time there, I wanted to delve deeper into what made it tick. I had done all of the touristy things for the most part, and while those were always worth the trip, it was never quite enough for me. I wanted to learn more about what life was actually like there. I recently stumbled upon an opportunity to do just that. I had a 24-hour layover in DC due to several different circumstances coming together. I decided that, instead of trying to see a whole swath of the city, I would choose one neighborhood and explore that fully. I chose to spend my day in Dupont Circle. I wasn't worried about finding a place to stay, either, as my HotelTonight app would find me a Dupont Circle Washington, D.C. hotel room as soon as I was ready to relax.

The Embassies

One of the most prevalent 'local' vibes you get in Dupont Circle is the fact that it's so incredibly international by nature. Embassy Row is here, and it's situated along Massachusetts Avenue. I walked up and down the street for hours, taking photos of all of the different embassies and their flags. What was interesting was how different each of the embassies was in terms of how the presented themselves. It was also interesting to listen to people talking in so many different languages within the span of several blocks in the capital of the United States.

The Fountain

I've always thought that fountains were basically there to attract tourists who want to take pictures of them and say they've been there. I thought the same thing when I grabbed a coffee in the middle of the morning and sat near the Dupont Fountain just to take a little break. What I found, though, was that this was no tourist attraction. Locals were gathering here to sit and talk with each other and to enjoy coffee or snacks of their own. It was nice to see such a place appreciated by the people who live nearby.

The Cuisine

In a place that's filled with so many international buildings and people, it should come as no surprise that the restaurants basically represent every point on the globe. I wanted, for some reason, to dine on sushi, and I found out that there was a world-famous sushi place just up the road. After I ate my first roll, I found out why it had earned such renown. It was not only beautiful to look at but so fresh and tasty I thought I'd never stop eating.

HotelTonight – Dupont Circle Hotels Are Available

After all that food, I was ready for some rest. I opened my HotelTonight app and it immediately listed several Dupont Circle Washington, D.C. hotels for me based on my location at the time. I chose one, booked a room and was all set. It was going to be a great night of sleep.