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West Philadelphia (or West Philly, as locals call it) sits right across the river from the Center City, but it almost feels like a completely different town. Unlike the dense, bustling downtown area, West Philadelphia feels like a real community. It's more like a real neighborhood than an urban center, which is why so many residents are proud to call West Philly home. It was this sense of community and the neighborhood's diversity that first drew me to West Philly. During my recent trip to Philadelphia, I wanted to stay in a neighborhood that locals really treasured, so I hopped on HotelTonight's website to book a last-minute hotel in West Philadelphia. Within minutes, I had a great hotel room waiting for me in the heart of West Philly, and I was eager to start exploring the streets of this eclectic Philadelphia neighborhood.

University City

University City is arguably the heart of West Philly, as it's the most energetic, vibrant district in this neighborhood. As the name implies, University City is home to two major universities, the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University. The large, diverse student population of these universities makes University City an exciting place to visit. Whether you're interested in touring one of these beautiful campuses or you're just looking for some cheap eats, you definitely won't be able to miss the youthful energy of this neighborhood.

Clark Park

I believe that every great neighborhood has a public space where locals go to mingle, relax, exercise, and simply enjoy their town. West Philly has a particularly great public space for locals, Clark Park. This 9.1-acre park boasts plenty of green spaces, a basketball court, walking paths and playgrounds. Clark Park also hosts Philadelphia's largest farmers' market, which I was lucky enough to stumble upon during my brief stay in West Philly. If you want to see where West Philly locals escape to when they're sick of the crowded city streets, you should visit Clark Park while in Philadelphia.

Spruce Hill

Spruce Hill is, in my opinion, one of West Philadelphia's most charming neighborhoods. This popular district features colorful historical homes, pretty tree-lined streets, and a multicultural atmosphere. Since I love architecture, I was immediately drawn to the beautiful old homes in Spruce Hill, but then the neighborhood surprised me with its diversity and lively main streets. On the same street in Spruce Hill, you can find Middle-Eastern cuisine, Italian food, and South Asian fare. So if you want to get a good beat on West Philadelphia's wide range of backgrounds, simply wander over to Spruce Hill.

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Many tourists choose to stay in Center City when they visit Philadelphia, and so often they overlook West Philadelphia. This is fine with locals, though, since they know that being a major tourist destination could ruin the neighborhood's tight-knit community feel. I, for one, know that staying in West Philly provides an authentic, local experience you won't get if you stay in the heart of downtown. So whenever I take my next trip to Philadelphia, I'll be sure to once again book my West Philadelphia hotel through HotelTonight.