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One of the five original squares designed by William Penn in the late 17th century, Rittenhouse Square's roots run deep in Philadelphia's history. Today, Rittenhouse Square is one of Philadelphia's most desirable neighborhoods, and it's easy to see why. This centrally located neighborhood is home to posh restaurants, great shopping and one of the prettiest parks in the city. Even if they don't live in this exclusive neighborhood, Philadelphia locals find plenty of excuses to visit Rittenhouse Square regularly, and so did I during my recent trip to Philly. Since I wanted to experience the beauty, history and energy of Rittenhouse Square while in Philadelphia, I worked with HotelTonight to book a hotel near Rittenhouse Square. I knew I could count on HotelTonight to help me find a great last-minute hotel in Philadelphia, and I was thrilled I was able to book a hotel in one of Philadelphia's most beloved neighborhoods, Rittenhouse Square.

The Park

The beating heart of this neighborhood is the green, manicured park of Rittenhouse Square. This is where locals go to relax during their lunch break, to meet up with friends for picnics on warm days or to go for a quick jog before their day begins. The park is the soul of Rittenhouse, and if you stay in this neighborhood, you'll find yourself spending a good deal of time here. There's something so peaceful and calming about this green, picturesque park--you almost feel as if you're not smack dab in the middle of a bustling city.

Rittenhouse Row

Philadelphians know that Rittenhouse Row has some of the best shopping in the city, so here you'll see both tourists and locals popping in and out of various shops along streets like the Avenue of the Arts and 21st Street. Rittenhouse Row is not just a hot spot for shopping, but it's also a popular destination for great food and nightlife. Once the sun goes down, this district attracts a well-dressed crowd, as many of Philadelphia's trendiest come to explore the highly rated culinary and nightlife scenes.

Public Art

Rittenhouse Square is known for its fine arts scene, but you don't have to enter any museums or art galleries to see incredible art in this neighborhood. All over the neighborhood--and particularly in the square--you will stumble upon many outdoor sculptures, many of which have been landmarks in Rittenhouse for over a hundred years. No matter where you turn in Rittenhouse Square, you'll see beautiful art, rich history or trendy local shops and eateries. After just a few short hours in Rittenhouse Square, I understood exactly why Rittenhouse Square is such a desirable neighborhood among Philadelphians.

HotelTonight – Great Hotels in Rittenhouse Square Philadelphia

As one of Philadelphia's most exclusive neighborhoods, Rittenhouse Square should certainly be on your list of places to visit when in Philadelphia. If you want to spend more time in the lovely area of Rittenhouse Square, I'd suggest booking a hotel in Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, just like I did. And since I always use HotelTonight to book my accommodations when I travel, I know that HotelTonight will always make it easy for me to find a great deal on a last-minute hotel.