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Located in the Lower Northeast section of Philadelphia, Kensington is an authentic, working class Philadelphia neighborhood that has a long, storied history. Known as the birthplace of the Irish Mob in Philadelphia, Kensington is considered one of the city's more rough-and-tumble neighborhoods, but it's also rich in history and culture. I recently found myself in Philadelphia on an unexpected trip, and I decided that I wanted to get to know the neighborhood of Kensington for myself. Due to its multicultural landscape, Kensington is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Philadelphia, and I was excited to start exploring this working class district on foot. To book my hotel near Kensington Philadelphia, I simply pulled up HotelTonight's website and within a few minutes I had a great hotel room waiting for me in Philadelphia.

Olde Kensington

A classic industrial neighborhood, Olde Kensington is home to red brick warehouses, disheveled old buildings and working class residents. However, in recent years Olde Kensington has experienced a significant revitalization. Philadelphia residents even expect Olde Kensington to become one of the trendiest new spots in the city in the upcoming years. Its recent surge of new development has made Olde Kensington a hot spot for young artists, musicians and designers, so there is an exciting energy in this industrial district you won't find elsewhere in Philadelphia. If you want to see what a neighborhood on the cusp of a major transformation looks like, be sure to check out Olde Kensington during your stay in Philadelphia.

The Waterfront

Kensington is just a few blocks away from the Delaware River, so it's ideally situated for those who like to take advantage of the beautiful waterfront. Philadelphia uses its waterfront better than almost every other major city I've visited, and there are trails and paths along the river that locals enjoy every day. Even though I was only in Philadelphia for a few days, I decided to do as the locals do and went for daily jogs along the Delaware River every morning, which was the perfect day to start the day in beautiful Philadelphia.


Although Fishtown is traditionally known as a working class Irish Catholic neighborhood, it has recently undergone significant gentrification as young professionals and artists have moved in. Now, this area is booming with energy and excitement, and here you'll find a hip culinary scene and a flourishing art scene, making it one of the most interesting neighborhoods in Philadelphia. Fishtown has the cool, edgy factor that many of today's youths crave, so it's no wonder why this neighborhood is becoming more and more popular by the day.

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Kensington is one of Philadelphia's original working class neighborhoods, but it has certainly changed over the years. While some parts of Kensington are rough and crime-ridden, other parts are experiencing exciting changes and locals have a lot to look forward to in the future. I was able to explore this diverse, up-and-coming neighborhood during my recent stay in Philadelphia, largely because HotelTonight helped me find a great hotel near Kensington. Whenever I return to Philadelphia next, I'll be sure to rely on HotelTonight to find another great deal in one of Philadelphia's coolest areas.