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HotelTonight – Great Hotels in Chinatown Philadelphia

Philadelphia is one of the largest cities in the country, and like all big cities, its landscape is diverse and multicultural. One of the neighborhoods where this multicultural sensibility is most evident is in Chinatown, a small, vibrant district in Center City, Philadelphia. Chinatown is primarily home to Asian Americans and immigrants from Asian countries, but Philadelphia locals from all different backgrounds enjoy the liveliness, the culture and the delicious food in Chinatown. I wanted to spend some time immersed in Chinatown during my recent trip to Philadelphia, so I used HotelTonight to book a great last-minute hotel in Chinatown Philadelphia. Within minutes, I had a hotel room booked near Chinatown, and I was ready to start exploring this thriving neighborhood in downtown Philadelphia.

The Friendship Gate

As you enter Chinatown, you pass underneath The Friendship Gate, which was a gift from Philadelphia's Chinese sister city, Tianjin. This impressive, golden archway is an authentic example of Chinese design, and it has become the most recognizable landmark in Philadelphia's Chinatown. You won't be able to miss The Friendship Gate when you walk through Chinatown, so be sure to take a look at its intricate designs of mythical creatures, many of which are supposed to ensure good luck, as you pass through.

Authentic Asian Cuisine

If you ask Philadelphia locals why someone should visit Chinatown, they'll probably answer, "For the food." Without a doubt, Chinatown is a hot destination for those seeking authentic Asian cuisine, and it certainly boasts some of the very best Asian food in the city. But don't assume that just because you're in Chinatown, all you'll find is Chinese food. In fact, here you will find types of cuisine from all over Asia, including Vietnamese food, Thai food, and Korean food. So if you find yourself craving good Asian food (no matter what type) while in Philadelphia, you know where to go.

Unique Shopping

Locals also head to Chinatown when they're looking for a cheap--and different-- shopping experience. Most of the shopping in Chinatown is completely unique to this small neighborhood--after all, where else in Philadelphia can you find a Hello Kitty Store? Whether you're looking for cheap herbs and natural remedies or pretty silk robes and affordable bags, you'll be able to find it in Chinatown. The markets, small local stores and bazaars are filled with interesting goods and trinkets, and you can only find this unique shopping experience in Chinatown.

HotelTonight – Chinatown Philadelphia Hotels at Your Fingertips

I've visited Philadelphia many times over the years, and I think it's safe to say that its most unique neighborhood is Chinatown. This neighborhood is a melting pot of different cultures, thus it's one of Philadelphia's most vibrant, exciting and diverse 'hoods. Not only did I have some of the best meals of my trip in Chinatown, but I also came to love the culture and energy of the area. So the next time I find myself in Philadelphia, I'll certainly return to Chinatown. I'll also be sure to use HotelTonight to book another great last-minute hotel in Philadelphia, because HotelTonight always helps simplify my travel plans so that my vacation is off to a great start.