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When I think of a traditional Midwest city, I think of Milwaukee. This is a classic Rust Belt city, complete with decades of heavy industry, fame for brewing enormous amounts of beer and known around the world for being as friendly as a city can be. There are certain things you just know about a city like Milwaukee before you get there, and I have been coming here for years and experienced all the best of what Brew Town has to offer. Recently, I decided to extend my trip there for an extra day because I kept hearing about this emerging neighborhood that I had never seen. It's called Walker's Point, although some refer to it as the Fifth Ward--that seems to be a debate that's ongoing. Regardless, I was going to check it out. I wasn't worried about lodging. I travel with HotelTonight and the app would help me find a Walker's Point hotel when that time arrived.

The Revitalization

Milwaukee as a whole fell on some hard times during the second half of the 20th Century, and Walker's Point suffered a bit as well. However, the first thing I noticed when I got there was that there has been a lot of redevelopment here, and a lot of it has been extremely clever and well-done. Old warehouses and industrial buildings are now restaurants, bars and performance venues, but most of the exteriors of these classic buildings have been protected and therefore remain. It gives the area sort of a combination of a classic/modern look, and it's quite interesting to see.

The Sense of Community

There is quite a mix of backgrounds here in Walker's Point. These days, you can see the influence of those different cultures in just about everything. There is a strong Latino influence here, and there is also an influx of young professionals that is occurring right now. All of this is likely tied to the revitalization, but one thing that you realize when you're walking around is that everyone seems to fit in with each other quite comfortably. There are a lot of community groups and the like with signups around the community, and the folks here take ownership of where they live.

The Foodies

Perhaps the most booming industry in Walker's Point these days is restaurants. I saw no fewer than four or five different articles printed out on windows there talking about how the foodie scene had hit this community in particular. I wanted a nice dinner of Mexican food, and a nice lady recommended a local place that had been there for many years. I walked in and sat down to a basket of hot tortilla chips and spicy salsa. I gorged myself on a burrito that was as big as my plate, complete with salsa verde that obviously had been made that day. It was delicious.

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I was full and tired, but very happy that I had taken a day to get to know this community. I pulled out my phone and opened HotelTonight. With its help, I had a Walker's Point hotel room within seconds. I was ready for a relaxing night of sleep, already looking forward to my next trip to Milwaukee.