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There's something about an old-school, traditional Midwest, Rust Belt neighborhood that I've always found appealing. I grew up in such a city and became quite familiar with how things are done in these neighborhoods and what's expected of those who are part of these communities. I recently traveled to Milwaukee for work, and I wanted to take an extra day to explore a neighborhood that I had heard a lot about in Cudahy. What I had heard sounded quite familiar in terms of what life was like there, but I wanted to see it for myself. I extended my stay for a day so that I could have a full 24 hours to explore this part of town. I didn't worry about lodging, though, as I always traveled with HotelTonight, an app that helps people find accommodations at the last minute. I'd simply use HotelTonight to book a Cudahy hotel room when I was ready.

The Churches

Many people refer to Milwaukee as the City of Churches given how they dot the skyline across town. I noticed quite a few churches in Cudahy as well, and I was intrigued because the ones that I saw were all so old. These were buildings that were clearly designed in an era that has long since passed, but the large stone buildings and enormous steeples gave the neighborhood a certain feel that is hard to describe. When noon arrived and the church bells all went off, it also gave Cudahy a certain sound that was all at once loud and peaceful. This really was something to see.

The Parks

Cudahy sits along the shores of Lake Michigan, and it seems as though the city planners from yesteryear had a vision from the beginning to protect that part of the community. There were several parks situated along or near the water, and I had a great time walking through them and enjoying the scenic and raw shoreline. Most of the shores were rocky, but it almost seemed better that way, and the wide-open spaces were filled with families chasing their kids and dogs chasing their fetch toys. It was a bit Rockwellian in nature.

The Family-Owned Restaurants

You know you're in an old-school neighborhood when you drive all the way through it and do not see one national restaurant chain represented. Instead, I saw quite a few local, family-owned restaurants that had been there for a long time. I asked a couple of locals where to go for a nice dinner, and they sent me to a place that was small, clean and not in any way fancy. They also served some of the best meatloaf I had ever tasted, as you could tell that it was cooked recently and included a pile of Wisconsin cheese in the recipe.

HotelTonight – Cudahy Hotels at the Ready

As I pondered the excellence of my dinner, I realized that I had yet to book a Cudahy hotel room for the evening. I pulled out my phone, opened HotelTonight, swiped the screen a few times and I was all set. I was also ready for a big night of sleep, as it had been a full day of fun.