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Milwaukee is one of those cities that is always fun to visit for a variety of reasons. This is a place where people from all different cultures come together to simultaneously celebrate their own traditions while enjoying the traditions of others. It's a foodie city, obviously a city that's known for its beer and it's one that is extremely friendly. I was there recently for work, and I wanted to get to know a new neighborhood since I wound up having an extra day there. I chose to spend that extra day in the Historic Third Ward, and now that my trip is complete I can say that I was glad that I came up with this idea. I didn't know much about what I was getting into beforehand, but what I did know was that finding a Historic Third Ward hotel would not be a problem, as I was traveling with HotelTonight on my phone.

The Revitalization

The first thing I noticed about the Historic Third Ward is that it was obvious that this was an area of town that had undergone a lot of revitalization in recent years. Quite a few of the buildings were old warehouses that had been remade into something else. I've seen this done in other cities with mixed results, but this was a community that did it right. The warehouses all seemed to fit with what they were housing, whether it was restaurants, small shopping centers, lofts or any number of other things. The Historic Third Ward has taken a step forward without losing its history.

The Arts Scene

Milwaukee is one of those old-time Rust Belt cities that was traditionally known for its industry. It's not necessarily a place you think of when you're listing cities that are influenced by art. My perception of Milwaukee changed when I walked through the Historic Third Ward. That's because there were several art galleries and working art studios up and down the streets, and people were milling in and out of them. It was as if the art scene was following The Renaissance of this area, and it was quite something to see.

The Dining

The Historic Third Ward is also a part of Milwaukee where it seems that the foodies come to dine. There were restaurants specializing in cuisine from just about every point on the map, including food from Italy, Ireland, Mexico and many other countries. I chose to eat dinner at a cafe that served traditional Italian fare, and my pasta was as fresh as you could possibly imagine. The warm bread they served with it served as the perfect mop to the delicious sauce that was--at least temporarily--left behind on my plate.

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After such a filling meal and a day filled with walking and talking to locals, I was ready to turn in for the night. I pulled out my phone, opened my HotelTonight app and found a Historic Third Ward hotel in seconds. I looked forward to a restful sleep.