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One of the many things that makes Milwaukee so unique is its geography. It's directly to the west of Lake Michigan, and the Milwaukee River cuts almost directly through town. This naturally leads to different pockets of neighborhoods, and each of them is unique for one reason or another. This dates back more than a century, when European settlers came to Milwaukee from different countries and tended to live with each other, thereby giving rise to distinct neighborhoods. I wanted to explore the East Side of Milwaukee when I was there for work recently, as I had heard a lot of interesting things about it. I booked my return flight for 24 hours after I finished my meetings, giving me the time I needed. I wasn't worried about lodging, as I travel with HotelTonight and knew I could find an East Side Milwaukee hotel room immediately when the time came to go get some sleep.

The Museums

As soon as I parked my rental car, I started walking. I didn't walk for very long until I saw a museum that looked interesting. Down the road a bit, I saw another museum and then another. I finally stopped and asked someone about this, and she was extremely friendly. She told me that I was in the middle of what is known as the Milwaukee Museum Mile, which is a stretch on the East Side where there are five different museums. I walked through a couple of them and enjoyed myself, but with only 24 hours in the neighborhood I didn't have time to see them all. I will go back and do so, though.

The Diversity of Ages

East Side Milwaukee is where you'll find the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, a surprisingly large school of more than 25,000 students. As expected, there were students milling about in every direction doing what students do, but I also saw quite a few older folks. I stopped for coffee in a little cafe and asked a man about this, and he said that this was a part of town where the next person is as likely to be 18 as he or she is to be 88. There's a big mixture here and it all works out quite well, according to his perspective.

The Restaurants

With such a mix in the population, I expected there to be quite a few choices for dinner that night, and I was not disappointed. I walked down a couple of streets and saw a vegetarian place, an Italian restaurant, an American bistro and even a diner or two. I asked someone for a recommendation, and they actually sent me to a tavern where they served great hamburgers. I love burgers, and this person was correct--the buttery burger served on a crunchy bun was incredible, as was the microbrew that went with it.

HotelTonight – East Side Milwaukee Hotels in Seconds

I had really enjoyed myself that day, but I was full and quite tired at that point. I pulled out my phone, opened HotelTonight and found an East Side Milwaukee hotel room within a few seconds. I was ready for a nice, deep sleep after such an active day.