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Milwaukee, Wisconsin is one of the dwindling number of old-school cities left in the United States. It used to be, meaning 100 years ago or more, that when people were immigrating to the United States in large numbers, they tended to settle in neighborhoods with a lot of people who also came from their home countries. While the population mix has changed in Milwaukee, the differing cultures in their neighborhoods has mostly persevered, which makes this such an interesting place to explore. I recently encountered an opportunity to spend 24 hours in Milwaukee and decided to explore the neighborhood of Bay View. I had heard about it in the past, and it was a part of town that I was unfamiliar with until my recent day of exploration. I wasn't worried about lodging when I got there, either, as I always travel with HotelTonight, the app that helps you find last-minute hotels. I knew I'd find a Bay View hotel quickly when it was time.

The Music

It used to be that Milwaukee was a city that was known, at least in terms of its musical scene, for polka and other European dance-based genres. My how times have changed. Bay View, to my surprise, is home to a burgeoning music scene. There are record stores everywhere and I could barely walk a block without passing some sort of performance venue. It was a Thursday that day, so I found myself in Humboldt Park watching a free live concert with a large crowd that brought coolers, blankets and folding chairs. Everyone seemed to have a good time.

The Breweries

For generations, Milwaukee was known as Beer Town and for good reason--this was the beer-making capital of the United States. Even their professional baseball team is known as the Brewers. The beers that Milwaukee made, though, were national brands. The beer market has moved more towards microbrews in recent years, and I was pleased to see that Milwaukee is keeping pace with that. There were several beer halls in Bay View, and each of them offered something unique. I tried a couple and really enjoyed them both.

The… Seafood?

When I think of seafood, I tend to think of cities such as New Orleans and others that sit on oceans or gulfs. Milwaukee is situated on the shores of Lake Michigan, so there's no shortage of seafood here. I saw more than one place in Bay View serving this type of cuisine, and I had my dinner at a place that served deep-fried lake perch, otherwise known as a perch fry. The fish was white and flaky, the beer batter was delectable, and the coleslaw and rye bread that came with it were the perfect combination.

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As I finished my dinner, I realized that I still needed to find a Bay View hotel for the night. That was not a problem. I pulled out my phone, opened my HotelTonight app and found a Bay View hotel within seconds. I was only a few blocks away from it, so I began to head over there, ready for a restful night after a full day.