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There are certain things that come to mind when I think of Milwaukee. Examples of these things include: breweries, industry, churches, traditional family activities, distinct neighborhoods and the Rust Belt in general. That said, I've been traveling to Milwaukee for work for some time now, and every time I do I extend my trip by a day so that I can explore one more part of this intriguing city. I did this again recently, and the neighborhood that I chose was Riverwest. I had never seen it before and really didn't know what to expect, but regardless of where I've been in Brew Town I've always had a very good time and got to talk with extremely friendly people. I had no reason not to expect the same with regards to this part of town. I didn't worry about lodging ahead of time because I always travel with HotelTonight, my favorite app. I knew it would help me find a Riverwest hotel in no time.

The Feel

I was surprised when I rolled into Riverwest for the first time, as it felt a bit different from some of the other neighborhoods I had visited in Milwaukee. There were students and young professionals running around everywhere, and it was clear by the homemade street signs and advertisements that there is an intense feeling of community here. I found out that there are several co-ops and volunteer organizations all designed to improve the quality of life here, even though it seemed obvious to me that the quality of life was already very good. This was truly a unique neighborhood.

The Galleries

I don't normally associated art galleries with neighborhoods full of young people, but I was definitely proven wrong in Riverwest. There were galleries on what seemed like every block, and each of them were offering something unique. I strolled through several of them and found tapestries, portraits, glass art and just about anything else one could imagine. I also saw some artists hard at work in their own studios, and that's always something that fascinates me. There is a lot of culture in Riverwalk amidst all of the other bustle.

The Cafes

Finally, I noticed that there were a lot of different types of cafes here. Some offered coffee and snacks while others were basically full restaurants. Regardless of which one I happened to see, all of them had groups of people talking passionately about something. Once again, the sense of community here in Riverwest is extremely strong. I sat and talked to some people over a plate of fruit and cup of tea about the local politics scene and other municipal news items, and I found it to be very educational. It was a neat experience.

HotelTonight – Riverwest Hotels Are Available

Despite how much fun as I was having, it was time to call it a day as I was tired. I pulled out my phone, opened HotelTonight and booked a Riverwest hotel room within seconds. It's just that easy with HotelTonight, and I could not wait to fall into my bed and into a deep sleep after a memorable experience.