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While not as trendy or as popular as neighborhoods like Elmwood Village or Allentown, Buffalo's West Side is a burgeoning, working class neighborhood that is becoming increasingly more popular. Locals anticipate that the West Side is on the cusp of a major renaissance, so I decided to get to know this neighborhood for myself on my recent trip to Buffalo. Before I was able to start exploring the neighborhood, I had to find a West Side of Buffalo hotel. Fortunately, I always know that I can find great last-minute hotels when I rely on HotelTonight. In just a few minutes on the HotelTonight app, I had booked a great hotel in the heart of the West Side. So once I checked into my hotel, I dropped my bags and headed out to see what the West Side hype was all about.


If you want to see the diversity of Buffalo, the West Side is a great area to visit. Districts like Grant-Ferry, for instance, are home to many first-generation immigrant families, so the culture here is rich and eclectic. Once known as Buffalo's Little Italy, Grant-Ferry is now the business district to visit when you want a wide selection of authentic cuisines from around the world. Here, you'll find every type of cuisine, from Italian and African to Nepali and Vietnamese, and you'll also meet a variety of interesting, friendly locals who are sure to give you some great travel tips for Buffalo.

Lower West Side

According to some locals I met, the Lower West Side is one of the most exciting up-and-coming neighborhoods in Buffalo. Young, middle-class professionals are flocking to the Lower West Side, and you can feel the optimistic energy all over the neighborhood. Beautiful old Victorian homes in areas like the West Village and Prospect Hill are undergoing renovations, and trendy new shops and cafes are popping up all over the neighborhood. Since I wanted to get a feel for Buffalo's hottest new neighborhoods, I spent quite a bit of time in the Lower West Side, and I quickly understood why so many young Buffalo residents are moving to this flourishing neighborhood.

Five Points

When I asked West Side locals which areas to visit in their neighborhood, several told me to check out Five Points, one of the quaintest districts in the area. There isn't too much to see or do in this small, charming neighborhood, but it's well worth the visit, if only for the food and the ambience. There are several locally beloved shops in Five Points, such as a wine shop and a bakery, and shopping in Five Points will give you a feel for what life in this small-town-feel neighborhood is like.

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Buffalo's West Side may not be on most travelers' lists, but it should be – it offers charm, diversity and delicious food, and I was glad I had the chance to explore the West Side in person. The next time I travel to Buffalo, I'll be sure to revisit a few of my favorite spots on the West Side, and, of course, I'll book my Buffalo hotel through HotelTonight to ensure I have a great place to stay in Buffalo.