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In the heart of Buffalo, you'll find one of the city's most charming neighborhoods, Elmwood Village. This idyllic neighborhood is where Buffalo locals go for trendy coffee shops, fun bars and pubs, and great shopping. There's always something to do or see in Elmwood Village, which is why I chose to stay in the neighborhood during my recent trip to Buffalo. I love to be in the heart of the action when I travel to a new city, and Elmwood Village definitely didn't disappoint. I quickly fell in love with the neighborhood, and I now understand why it's one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Buffalo. Fortunately, it was easy for me to book a great hotel in Elmwood Village through HotelTonight. In just a few minutes on HotelTonight's app, I had booked a fantastic hotel in the middle of Elmwood Village, and I was ready to explore every nook and cranny of Buffalo's premier neighborhood.

Bidwell Parkway

The historic center of Elmwood Village is Bidwell Parkway, which is a beautiful long boulevard that runs through the heart of the neighborhood. During the summer months, Bidwell Parkway hosts various summer events and concerts, and it's also home to the renowned Elmwood Village Farmers Market. Even if you're not in town for the summer concerts or the weekend farmers market, you should still take a stroll down this idyllic commercial parkway to search for a great place to eat or for some unique places to shop.

Hoyt Lake

One thing that struck me about Buffalo was the abundance of green, open spaces where locals love to run, walk, bike and picnic. I spent several mornings walking around Hoyt Lake in Delaware Park, which is one of the prettiest areas in Buffalo. If you want to experience life in Buffalo like a local, you should definitely carve out some time to enjoy Hoyt Lake. During the summer months, you can even take a rowboat out on the lake for some leisurely time on the water.


One of the things Elmwood Village is best known for is its great shopping. From major retailers to independent boutiques, there are many unique shops all over Elmwood Village. And, of course, Elmwood Village offers a great selection of cafes, restaurants and bars, so you can always take a shopping break and enjoy a warm coffee or a cold beer while you mingle with some Buffalo locals.

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For my first time in Buffalo, I was so glad I stayed in the charming, lively neighborhood of Elmwood Village. Just walking the streets of Elmwood Village gave me a great feel for the heart and soul of Buffalo, and I was able to get a glimpse into the life of locals by staying in this beloved neighborhood. I already know that I'll stay in Elmwood Village during my next trip to Buffalo, and I'll be sure to book my hotel through HotelTonight. Traveling has never been easier now that HotelTonight lets me book last-minute hotel rooms from the convenience of my phone.