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Buffalo, New York is a popular travel destination for those who want to experience the wonder of Niagara Falls, but Buffalo actually has so much more to offer visitors. In addition to its proximity to natural wonders, Buffalo is also home to an array of unique neighborhoods, so there's always something new to experience in Buffalo. One of my favorite Buffalo neighborhoods is Allentown, a quirky, eclectic neighborhood that is beloved by hip, artistic locals. I recently had the chance to stay at a hotel in Allentown thanks to HotelTonight, which helped me find a great last-minute hotel in one of Buffalo's most popular areas. As soon as I checked into my hotel and dropped of my bags, I headed out to enjoy the crisp fall weather and explore this creative neighborhood on foot.

The Art

Among locals, Allentown is best known as an artist's haven. The creative culture of this neighborhood has attracted the city's best artists, musicians and trendy young professionals, which is why it has one of the most unique atmospheres in Buffalo. You simply can't experience Buffalo's art scene without visiting some of the galleries in Allentown, so I spent an entire afternoon wandering the quaint streets of Allentown, popping into one local art gallery after another.

Live Music

Allentown's creative scene isn't restricted to just art – it also has a fantastic music scene. All over Allentown, you'll find great live music venues, from cute coffee shops with an acoustic guitarist to hip bars with live bands. Because of this live music scene, Allentown is a hotspot for Buffalo's hip young crowd. The venues in Allentown are popular after-work and weekend hangout spots, so you're sure to meet plenty of locals when you head to one of Allentown's music venues.

Historic Sights

The historic district of Allentown is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, so the neighborhood is overflowing with character and old world charm. Architecture lovers will find plenty to admire in Allentown, as this neighborhood features architectural styles like colonial, Queen Anne, Second Empire, Gothic Revival and more. Some of the notable historic sights in Allentown include Arlington Park, Kleinhans Music Hall and the Wilcox Mansion. If you want to immerse yourself in the history of Buffalo, you should take a long walk, bike ride or drive through the historic streets of Allentown.

HotelTonight – Allentown Buffalo Hotels in a New York Minute

From art festivals to concerts to historic sights, Allentown is the creative heart of Buffalo. So if you want to experience the vibrant culture of Buffalo, you should consider staying in Allentown. I was so glad that I booked a hotel in Allentown during my stay in Buffalo, because I felt right at home in this artistic neighborhood. Plus, Allentown is centrally located, so it provides the perfect home base for exploring the rest of Buffalo. I already know that the next time I find myself in Buffalo, I'll use HotelTonight to book another great hotel. Maybe I'll stay in Allentown again, or maybe I'll explore another neighborhood of this beautiful New York city.