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Buffalo may be a large metropolis, but this major city still offers a few neighborhoods that seem to have been untouched by the past several decades. Kaisertown, for instance, is a nostalgic neighborhood, reminiscent of a quaint, working class community in the 1960s. The small-town, blue collar charm of Kaisertown is what initially drew me to this neighborhood, but I soon discovered there was so much more to love about this underrated Buffalo district. Since I prefer to stay off-the-beaten path when I travel, I booked my hotel in Kaisertown rather than downtown during my recent trip to Buffalo. As always, I relied on HotelTonight's easy-to-use app to book my last-minute Buffalo hotel, and in just a few minutes, I had secured a great hotel near Kaisertown.

Clinton Street

For Kaisertown locals, Clinton Street is the main hub of activity in their neighborhood. On this commercial street, you'll find plenty of great restaurants, local watering holes, grocery stores and even hair salons. If you want to get a taste for the soul of Kaisertown, Clinton Street is the place to visit. I ate many meals on Clinton Street, and each time I ate beside Kaisertown locals who were more than happy to tell me why they love their unique little neighborhood so much.

Polish Food

Kaisertown is a traditionally Polish neighborhood, which means you'll find plenty of great Polish eats throughout the area. From pierogi to kielbasa, there's no shortage of authentic Polish food in Kaisertown. In fact, many Buffalo residents travel to Kaisertown just to visit some of the neighborhood's best Polish delis and restaurants. Because of its large Polish population, Kaisertown has a distinct culture that differs from the rest of Buffalo, which only adds to its unique charm.

Houghton Park

While it's no Central Park, Kaisertown's Houghton Park offers plenty of beauty and green, open spaces for locals. In fact, many Kaisertown residents told me that their favorite aspect of the neighborhood was Houghton Park. This large public park has a great walking path, which I made use of several times during my short stay. After all, I needed a place to walk off all of that delicious Polish food. Visiting Houghton Park was a great way for me to get a good feel for what daily life is like for Kaisertown locals.

HotelTonight – Hotel in Kaisertown Buffalo

Kaisertown is unlike any other neighborhood in Buffalo, which is why I was so glad I stayed there during my recent Buffalo getaway. Not only did I get to meet many friendly locals, but I also got to experience Buffalo the way most visitors never do. It was all thanks to HotelTonight, which is my go-to travel resource for booking great last-minute hotels. I always know that I can find the perfect hotel in mere minutes when I work with HotelTonight, which is one of the reasons why I have made so many unique memories on recent trips. Next time I find myself in Buffalo, I'll be sure to book another Buffalo hotel through HotelTonight, and I'll be sure to return to Kaisertown for more delicious pirogi.