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The waterfront is one of Buffalo locals' favorite areas of their city, largely thanks to its abundance of outdoor activities and great dining options. Recent developments have transformed the waterfront into an entertainment epicenter, so when I had the chance to visit Buffalo this past summer, I decided to jump at the opportunity to explore the waterfront. After arriving in Buffalo, I pulled up my HotelTonight app and booked a great last-minute hotel in the waterfront neighborhood with just a few taps on my phone. Once I checked into the hotel, I was ready to get out and explore the best of the Buffalo waterfront on that beautiful summer day.


At the heart of the attractions on the waterfront is Canalside, a major multi-use entertainment district that is home to great outdoor spaces, a wine and beer garden and regular community events. Situated on the Lake Erie waterfront, Canalside provides beautiful views of the lake, idyllic areas for picnics and plenty of outdoor activities and entertainment options. While I was in Buffalo, I joined the locals every night for laidback picnics along the canals, where the locals gathered to enjoy live music and a welcoming community atmosphere.


Another waterfront hotspot you can't miss while in Buffalo is RiverWorks, an 8-acre development filled with great dining and entertainment options. From its brand-new concert hall to its impressive selection of craft breweries and restaurants, RiverWorks provides plenty to do, see, and eat. While at RiverWorks, I met many locals who were more than happy to share their favorite things to do in Buffalo. All of them agreed that the waterfront was one of the best areas in Buffalo, and I can understand why – it's hard not to be sucked in by the district's infectious energy and picturesque scenery.

Water Activities

It probably goes without saying, but one of the best attractions at the waterfront is the water. Since I wanted to take advantage of the beautiful weather and see Buffalo by water during my stay, I rented a kayak and headed out on the canals. Other water activities available on the waterfront include water biking, stand-up paddle-boarding and taking sunset cruises. Of course, if you don't want to actually head out on the water, you can always enjoy views of the water from the bike trails along the Outer Harbor. With so many outdoor activities available, the waterfront is one of the best spots in Buffalo to enjoy on a beautiful day.

HotelTonight – Waterfront Hotel in Buffalo Today

As someone who had never been to Buffalo before, I didn't know what to expect from this New York city. It definitely didn't take me long to fall in love with Buffalo, though, primarily because I was lucky enough to stay in one of the coolest neighborhoods in Buffalo – the waterfront district. As usual, I booked my hotel through HotelTonight, which always makes it easy for me to find great hotels at a moment's notice. With a hotel in the heart of Buffalo's waterfront, I was able to make the most of my time in Buffalo by enjoying one of the locals' favorite areas, and I too came to love the energy and culture of Buffalo.