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Baltimore is an historic city, and it's had entire neighborhoods declared as historic districts. That's because as a community, Baltimore has worked tirelessly to preserve its past and when you visit here you'll see row houses and other buildings that date back to the 18th Century. I have been visiting Baltimore for a long time, and I've immersed myself in its history with unyielding joy. It's one of the reasons that I keep coming back to Charm City. However, Baltimore has other layers to it that make it the unique community that it is. There's a modern side that embraces the forward-looking approach that is also an integral part of American culture. I recently wound up on a 24-hour layover in Baltimore, and rather than either drive to a different airport or sit in a hotel room nearby during that time, I decided to explore that 'other' side of the city. I wanted to spend those 24 hours exploring the Inner Harbor area. I wasn't worried about finding lodging. I travel with HotelTonight, so I'd simply open that and book an Inner Harbor Baltimore hotel room as soon as I was ready to get some rest.

The Tourism

Despite the fact that a majority of the city is historic in nature, it's almost the opposite here in Inner Harbor. This is a modern place that's filled with as many if not more visitors than residents. You can see that the community is more than ready for them as well. There are all kinds of restaurants, shops, quick-stop stores and the like that are exactly what tourists look for when they are out and about. It makes sense that this would be an area for tourists, as it's simply beautiful being situated right next to the water.

The Residents

Despite the fact that there are so many visitors here, that doesn't mean that there are no local residents. Inner Harbor is considered one of the premier places in Baltimore in which to live, but yo won't find a lot of old, historic row houses here. Instead, you'll find a wide array of high-rise condominiums, all of which seem to be situated such that they can see the harbor and the Baltimore skyline. I looked at a few listings for condos, and I could see based on price that this is not an inexpensive place to live.

The Restaurants

Since I was in Baltimore and I was right next to the harbor, I wanted to munch on some seafood. There are few places as good as Charm City in which to do just that. I went to a place that specialized in crab cakes made from local blue crabs, and they were fantastic. The crab meat was rich and delicate, the other ingredients provided a bit of crunch and creaminess and the crust was the perfect flavor and texture in which to tie everything together.

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After that delicious meal, I was ready to take a break. I opened my HotelTonight app and it immediately found me several Inner Harbor Baltimore hotels. I chose one and booked a room, ready to fall directly into my comfortable bed.