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One of the things that I've always found interesting about exploring different cities is the different elements that combine to form the overall feel that is that community. You never know which things are going to come together to give a place its identity and, ultimately, its reputation for the rest of the world, but they are always present and they are almost always different. One city whose elements are definitely unique is Baltimore, Maryland. There is a ton of history here as evidenced by all of the historical landmarks and districts. There is a lot of forward thinking here given some of the educational institutions that call Baltimore home. There is tradition here but there is also an acceptance of what's new and coming our way. That's why I've always enjoyed traveling there for whatever reason. That's also why, when I recently wound up stuck in a 24-hour layover in a nearby airport, I wasted no time in renting a car and going to explore the Charles Village neighborhood, as it was a new place to see. I would find a Charles Village hotel room when it was time, thanks to my HotelTonight app.

Urban and Residential

Baltimore is known for its beautiful row houses. Some of them are hundreds of years old and predate the United States as a country. One thing with most row houses is that you don't have a yard. That's not really the case here in Charles Village. There are gorgeous and tasteful row houses here, but many of them also have yards that are, based on what I saw, immaculately maintained. That's really the best of both worlds, as you get to combine the charm of historic housing with the space of modern residential neighborhoods. It was lovely.

The Education

Charles Village is home to one of the finest educational institutions in the world. Johns Hopkins University is here, and I definitely wanted to spend some time on campus. Of course, it's best known for its renowned medical school, so I took some photos of that, but I also found the campus to be a lovely and bucolic campus in the middle of a huge city and urban area. I spoke with a few students here and quickly understood why it's difficult to be accepted to any of their schools. It was a place I'd happily send my children.

The Restaurants

You don't live in a neighborhood like this one without a lot of different options for dining. I wanted something healthy, and one of the students told me about a little place that was relatively new but that only served locally sourced produce. That sounded perfect, so that's where I went. I'm not usually a big fan of salad, but this one was a feast in itself. The greens were crispy and bursting with flavor, and the tomatoes were enormous and delicious. It was a great meal and I got to feel good about myself when I was finished.

HotelTonight – Charles Village Baltimore Hotels

After such a nice day, I was ready for a nice night of sleep. I opened my HotelTonight app and booked a Charles Village Baltimore hotel room in seconds. I couldn't wait to fall into my comfortable bed, happy to have gotten to see another part of Charm City.