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When you think of the history of the United States, you tend to think of certain cities as playing integral roles in what became of our nation today. Boston certainly comes to mind as one of those cities, as does Philadelphia for obvious reasons. Baltimore is also a city where a lot has happened over the past 250 years or so, and like the other cities mentioned this is a city that has worked to preserve that heritage. I've long been intrigued by what it's like to live in Baltimore, and I've been coming here for work for several years. It was only recently, however, that I began to explore Charm City on a deeper level. I did so by booking my return flights from work trips there for 24 hours after my work obligations were complete. That allowed me to choose one neighborhood in which to spend those 24 hours. On my last trip, I chose to spend that free day in Federal Hill. I wasn't concerned about finding a place to stay. I'd simply open my HotelTonight app, and it would find me a Federal Hill Baltimore hotel room in seconds.

The Historic Neighborhood

Many neighborhoods around the country can boast of having a site or two that has been designated as historic by one body or another for one reason or another. Federal Hill takes things to a whole new level. This entire neighborhood has been declared a federal historic district. That's mostly because of the very old homes that remain here. The row houses date back hundreds of years, and many of them have been updated so that they can be preserved for as long as possible. There are also strict limits on building here, so this historic look is going to remain intact for the foreseeable future.

The Shopping

If you live in a historic neighborhood, you're going to attract a lot of different visitors. Those visitors will want mementos to commemorate their time there, and Federal Hill accommodates that need and then some. That's not to say that the stores here are selling cheap junk for tourists to take home and have it fall apart on them in days. The stores here are genuine, old and have been selling things like clothing and knickknacks for generations. I enjoyed browsing all the different places, talking to people along the way.

The Restaurants

Federal Hill sits along the Inner Harbor, so if you're going to try the local cuisine you're going to be having some seafood for dinner. I had, like many visitors before me, tried the blue crabs here and they were delicious, but I wanted some crab cakes. A lady in one of the shops told me where I could get the best ones, and she was right. The crab cakes were flaky, tasty and crunchy enough with the breading that everything came together perfectly.

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After such a rich, delicious meal and a day of walking, I was ready for some rest. I opened my HotelTonight app and it found me a Federal Hill Baltimore hotel room immediately. I made my way towards it knowing I had seen something special that day.