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The thing about cities, at least to me, is how wonderful it is when you see people of all ages, backgrounds, faiths and general beliefs coming together to move forward as a community. Not every city can boast of such progress, but those that can definitely stand out from the rest. I like to visit cities that incorporate that ideal into their collective belief systems, and over the years I've come to visit many of them as often as possible. One of those cities, in my opinion, is Baltimore, Maryland. This is a city like many others that has been through good times and bad, but their belief in community seems to never have wavered. I recently wound up on a 24-hour layover in Baltimore when a flight got canceled, and rather than drive to a nearby airport, I chose to spend those 24 hours exploring a neighborhood I hadn't seen much of for years. I wanted to visit Bolton Hill and check out what was happening. I wasn't concerned about accommodations, as I travel with HotelTonight. I'd simply find a Bolton Hill Baltimore hotel room when I was ready to relax.

The Urban Oasis

Bolton Hill is a neighborhood that sits right in the middle of Baltimore. It's surrounded by urban places, which means that I didn't expect to see much in the way of greenery or nature when I got there. Boy, was I wrong. There were parks all over the place. There were gardens--many of them of the shared or community variety--growing wonderfully on seemingly every block. There were flowers on every street and the trees were not only large but immaculately maintained. It was an oasis in the middle of an urban environment, and it was a nice surprise.

The Melting Pot

Another thing that surprised me about Bolton Hill is the wide array of people that I saw there. Typically, and especially in older cities, neighborhoods tend to homogenize to an extent over time. You have your young professional neighborhoods, your family neighborhoods, your retirement neighborhoods, etc. I saw a lot of everything in Bolton Hill. Young people, older people, single people, married people, children… there was no apparent majority in terms of demographic. There were also people from just about every different background you could imagine. The best part was that everyone seemed to get along quite well.

The Restaurants

There were a lot of cafes and the like in Bolton Hill which looked lovely, but I wanted a nice, big pizza. I was told about a local place that had earned a big following. I went in and could smell the ingredients, which was a good sign. The pizza was made in square pans and baked, and that was not only unique but a delicious way to prepare the pie. I generally don't like bigger crusts, but this was perfectly cooked and all fit together nicely.

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After that big meal and all of that walking around, all I could think about was sleep. I opened my HotelTonight app and it found me a Bolton Hill Baltimore hotel in seconds. I couldn't wait to get there, and was thankful it was minutes away. Tonight would be a night of rest.