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Best Hotels in Nob Hill, San Francisco

If you’re feelin’ swanky in San Francisco, Nob Hill is the place to be. From iconic institutions that complete the city’s history to charming inns with cozy amenities, we’ve got the hotels you want to stay at in Nob Hill.

True to its name, Nob Hill holds some of those classic steep streets you think of when you picture San Francisco. For the ultimate SF experience, this is your jam. Whether you’re shopping til you drop in Union Square, taking a cable car for a spin or making it rain at the Tonga Room - there’s plenty to see in Nob Hill with hotels to match.

Why We Love Nob Hill

This classic San Francisco ‘hood is central to some of our faves, here’s just a few reasons why we love Nob Hill.

  • Iconic hotels: The hotels that line Nob Hill are so famous and notable, they’re actually considered the neighborhood’s hottest attractions. Built in 1907, The Fairmont hotel has been a San Francisco landmark for decades. The lobby alone is a total must see. Other historical stunners include The Mark Hopkins and The Huntington but Nob Hill is also home to lowkey inns if you wanna keep it casual.
  • Grab grub: You won’t go hungry in Nob Hill. Some of the cities best spots to catch a bite lie among these very streets. From the local San Francisco fave Swan Oyster Depot (hint: get in line early) to the candlelit Italian Seven Hills, you’ve got choices.
  • Classic car: It may be a little touristy but sometimes you gotta do it for the ‘gram. A ride on a San Francisco cable car is a must for first timers and you’re in luck if you find yourself in Nob Hill. Not only was the California Cable Car line the first to be built, making it historically relevant, it’s typically less crowded that the other two. (Don’t be fooled by the big crowds on Powell Street.)
  • Bottoms up: Grabbing a cocktail can be a full event when you’re in Nob Hill. Go all out at the Tonga Room for a total tiki experience complete with rain that falls from the ceiling. Or soak in a 360 view of the city from the Top of the Mark.
  • Show stopper: If you land in Nob Hill, you might be attending an event at The Masonic. Known for its mid-century modern design, the venue serves as the meeting place for the Masons of California as well as a space for concerts and events the rest of the year. Enjoy live bands and comedians here during your stay.

Where to find the best hotels in Nob Hill, San Francisco

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