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San Antonio is the second largest city in all of Texas, and its diverse population gives it a unique flavor you won't find anywhere else in the country. I've been fortunate enough to visit San Antonio many times over the past few years and have fallen in love with this vibrant, multicultural metropolis. I know that San Antonio locals love their city even more than I, as it's a great place to live, work and play. It's also a great city for raising families, and it's home to fantastic suburbs and top-notch schools. One of the most popular of these residential neighborhoods is Solana Ridge, a pristine suburb on the outskirts of the city. This safe, tight-knit community boasts a welcoming atmosphere, which is why I decided to spend some extra time exploring Solana Ridge during my recent stay in San Antonio. And, like always, I booked my accommodations on HotelTonight's easy-to-use app. Within minutes on the app, I had booked a terrific hotel near Solana Ridge, San Antonio and was ready to explore a different side of this energetic Texas city.

Public Parks

Solana Ridge is a neighborhood in South San Antonio, an area that is home to beautiful green parks and great public spaces. One of the many reasons why South San Antonio is a desirable place to raise children is because of its abundance of parks, including Millers Pond Park, Pearsall Park and Lindbergh Park. Locals in this area have no shortage of green spaces to choose from when they want to get outdoors and exercise, go for a picnic with neighbors or take their kids out for a fun day at the playground.

The Base

The U.S. Military has a strong presence in San Antonio, and this is evident when you visit Solana Ridge and the surrounding South San Antonio neighborhoods. A number of military facilities are located in or near this neighborhood, such as the Kelly Field Annex and Fort Sam Houston. Because of this, you may notice that many of the families living in this area are military families, which gives it a much different vibe than other neighborhoods in San Antonio.

Trader's Village

After asking some South San Antonio locals where else I should visit in their neighborhood, I ended up at Trader's Village, a massive flea market combined with a small amusement park. This flea market has a bit of everything, and it's certainly one of the nicest flea markets I've seen in my lifetime, and I stumbled upon a handful of unique finds while wandering the stalls. Since there are also many amusement park rides here, I could definitely see why Trader's Village is a popular destination for families in the area.

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San Antonio is as diverse as they come--this city has trendy districts, edgy neighborhoods, bustling urban areas, and beautiful suburbs. I was glad I had the chance to see the more residential side of San Antonio during my recent trip, and I wouldn't have been able to enjoy such a unique Texas getaway if it weren't for HotelTonight, which helped me find a great last-minute hotel in San Antonio.