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If you wander just south of the famous San Antonio River Walk, you'll stumble into a charming neighborhood with beautiful old buildings and a folksy vibe. This is La Villita, a neighborhood beloved by both locals and tourists. There's a mix of energy, creativity and culture in La Villita you won't find anywhere else in Texas, which is why I was instantly taken by this San Antonio neighborhood. At the suggestion of a few locals, I decided to book my hotel in La Villita San Antonio, and I was sure glad I listened to their advice. This neighborhood looks like it belongs in a painting, and since it's an arts district, you'll actually find plenty of great paintings on display as you meander through the old, idyllic streets. Whether you want to stay in La Villita like I did or in another vibrant neighborhood during your time in San Antonio, you should work with HotelTonight to find a great San Antonio hotel. HotelTonight always makes it easy for me to find high-quality hotels at a moment's notice.

The River

La Villita is situated on the banks of the San Antonio River, which has become an integral part of the city's design and culture. I started out my day in La Villita by taking a stroll along the river. This section of the San Antonio River is much less crowded than the popular River Walk, yet just as picturesque, which is why it is my favorite waterfront area in San Antonio.

The Arts

La Villita is primarily known as an arts district, and you can't walk through this neighborhood without passing galleries, studios and artists at work. La Villita is a great place to pick up unique souvenirs from San Antonio, as many local artists sell handcrafted items, from textiles to jewelry to paintings, all over La Villita. This charming arts village provides a great feel for the rich local culture and the creative atmosphere of San Antonio, and it's an area you may want to revisit again and again.

Historic Sites

La Villita is one of San Antonio's oldest neighborhoods. It was first settled more than 300 years ago, so naturally it's home to a number of historic sites and beautiful old buildings. In this neighborhood, you'll find old homes that have been transformed into charming restaurants, historic churches that still attract large crowds every Sunday, and even old school houses that provide a glimpse of what life was like in 19th century San Antonio.

HotelTonight – La Villita Hotels Available

La Villita is just outside of the crowded tourist hub of the River Walk, which gives it a quieter, more peaceful atmosphere. This neighborhood is particularly popular among locals, who come here to find great food, art and ambience. Just like the locals, I think La Villita is one of the best neighborhoods in San Antonio, and I was so grateful that I had the chance to thoroughly explore this historic arts district during my last San Antonio getaway. As I packed up my bags and sad farewell to La Villita, I thought of how lucky I was that HotelTonight made it so simple for me to find a great deal on a hotel in La Villita, San Antonio.