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Located about 25 miles north of downtown San Antonio, the suburban neighborhood of Scenic Oaks has become one of the most desirable residential areas in the city. The tree-lined streets of Scenic Oaks are filled with beautiful homes and great community amenities, which is why this area is particularly popular among families. Since Scenic Oaks is considered a suburb, there's no doubt that this neighborhood is far off the beaten tourist path, which is one of the reasons why I enjoyed exploring Scenic Oaks so much. Wherever I went, I was surrounded by locals who live, work and play in San Antonio, so I was able to get a great feel for the lifeblood of this Texas city. To book my hotel near Scenic Oaks San Antonio, I hopped online and checked out HotelTonight's website. Within just a few short minutes, I had booked a great last-minute hotel in San Antonio, and I was ready to experience a side of San Antonio that tourists don't usually get to see.


Right next to the pristine developments in Scenic Oaks is a small Texas town named Boerne. Originally settled in 1849, Boerne features a handful of old western buildings, such as a courthouse from 1870 and parts of a railroad built in 1887. If you love history and old westerns, you'll find plenty to fascinate you in Boerne. Since this town is so small, you can see most of it within an hour or two, so you can squeeze in a trip to Boerne even if you're only in San Antonio for a couple of days.

The Base

Scenic Oaks is right next to a major military base, Camp Bullis, so naturally you will notice the pervasive military culture in this area. Many of the locals are military families, so staying in the area will give you a unique insight into San Antonio that most tourists will never get. Don't be alarmed if you hear gunshots or explosions in the distance when you're in Scenic Oaks--they're just the common sounds of military training.

Leon Springs

Texas is full of small, old towns with rich western history, and Leon Springs is one of them--although now it's considered a suburb of San Antonio rather than a town. After it was settled in the mid-19th century, Leon Springs' residents built the first stop on the Stagecoach Route between Texas and San Diego. There isn't too much to see in Leon Springs, but history lovers will marvel at historic buildings like the Aue House and the limestone Saltbox house.

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As Texas' second largest city, San Antonio is home to an eclectic, diverse population, which is why I wanted to get outside of the city center and explore an area of San Antonio where most tourists don't travel. I loved being able to see San Antonio from a local's perspective, and I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat. Next time I find myself in beautiful San Antonio, you can bet that I'll use HotelTonight to book another great last-minute San Antonio hotel.