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If you ask Pittsburgh locals about their favorite areas in the city, chances are most of them will mention the Strip District. Located just outside of downtown, this popular shopping and dining district is a hot destination for both locals and tourists, because there is so much to do, see and, of course, eat in this neighborhood. After falling in love with the Strip District on a previous trip to Pittsburgh, I decided to stay in the area during my recent Pittsburgh getaway. To book my hotel in the Strip District of Pittsburgh, I simply pulled up the HotelTonight app on my phone and within minutes I had a great hotel room waiting for me near all of the best shops and restaurants in the Strip District.

The Food

The Strip District is a haven for foodies. There's something for every palette and every mood, from upscale dining to cheap ethnic eats, which is why you could easily spend days in the Strip District and still not try all of the food you want to try. The Strip District stretches one-half square miles, so you can stroll the entire area on foot when deciding what to eat – and that's exactly what I did. After walking around the neighborhood and peeking at countless menus, I finally made the very difficult decision of where to eat. And let me tell you, the locals are right – the Strip District definitely does have some of the best food in Pittsburgh.

The History

Back in Pittsburgh's early days, the Strip District was an industrial neighborhood filled with mills and warehouses. Years after the industrial neighborhood experienced a decline, the Strip District was revitalized, evolving into the hip neighborhood it is today. If you love history, you'll love walking past the old industrial buildings in the Strip District. You might also like visiting the Senator John Heinz History Center, where you can learn more about the history of Pittsburgh.

Specialty Stores

The Strip District is known for its abundance of specialty stores, which is why so many Pittsburgh locals travel from all over the city to do some shopping here. If you're looking for unique specialty grocers, you'll find them in the Strip District, which offers everything from oriental food markets to Polish delis to Mexican markets. Popping into these specialty stores is like a treat for the senses, and you just might be inspired to take your own culinary tour of the Strip District.

HotelTonight – Book Your Pittsburgh Hotel in The Strip District

If you want to see the local side of Pittsburgh, you definitely shouldn't skip out on the Strip District, which is where locals go for great food and unique specialty shops. Given that the Strip District is consistently recommended by locals, it's a spot you're sure to love when you visit Pittsburgh – I sure did. I was glad I had the chance to stay near the Strip District, which made it easy for me to explore the neighborhood (and its many restaurants) on foot. I have HotelTonight to thank for making it so easy for me to find a great hotel in the Strip District at a moment's notice.